Get rid of unwanted hair with less issues, whether you like to shave or wax, by implementing a few good tricks in your hair removal routine. From knowing how much to soak your skin to improve the process to using natural ingredients to fight inflammation, these tips can always come in handy.

Try some of the best hair removal hacks and notice the difference. Whether you want to get the smoothest skin or prevent nicks and bumps, these easy solution can help you protect your skin, while also improving your hair removal techniques.

1. Soak Your Skin the Right Way

When you use a razor to get rid of unwanted hair, soaking your skin is a must, but shaving in the shower with the water running might not be the best idea. If you soak your skin for a couple of minutes, the hairs will soak up the moisture and be easier to remove. However, soaking your skin beyond that will make it increasingly difficult to get a close shave.

2. Exfoliate Naturally

While both shaving and waxing have an exfoliate effect, you’ll reduce the risk of ingrown hairs by exfoliating in advance. Instead of using a scrub, try one of the best hair removal hacks and make your own exfoliant in the kitchen. Use one tablespoon of sugar for each two tablespoons of olive oil and create the perfect natural exfoliant.

3. Up Your Razor Game

If you prefer shaving, you’ll have to rotate your razors regularly. It’s important that they stay sharp, so replace them after 5-10 uses. The trick to making sure that you won’t run into any problems is to avoid any twisting or pressing against the skin. Use it slowly, with a steady hand, and only go over the same area once.

4. Get Organized

Whether you’re shaving or waxing, working in panel sections is very important. One of the best hair removal hacks is making a plan before you start, so you don’t end up doing a part of a section twice. That only leads to irritation and other problems, no matter if you’re using hot wax or a good razor. When doing your legs, always start at the ankle and work your way up.

Hair Removal Tricks

5. Use Natural Oils

Reduce any signs of irritation by using a natural oil on your skin after you’ve shaved or waxed it. Coconut oil can do wonders when it comes to soothing your skin, and can contribute to the healing process if you have any nicks. This great natural moisturizer is particularly recommended after hair removal if you have sensitive skin.

6. Try Honey

If you’d rather skip any oils, one of the best hair removal hacks is using honey to soothe your skin. Apply raw honey, preferably organic, to any rashes or bumps you notice after you’re done. Its natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties will fight inflammation quickly. Use warm water to remove it from your skin after 15-20 minutes.

7. Replace Shaving Cream with Baby Oil

There are many good options you can use when you’re out of shaving cream, including hair conditioner, but baby oil is the best. You can get a closer shave, while also minimizing the risk of irritated and red skin by applying a little baby oil before you reach for the razor.

8. Use a Natural Deodorant

Both shaving and waxing can create microscopic tears in your skin, and the last you want to do after you’re done removing any underarm hair is to cover your skin in potentially harmful chemicals. Avoid synthetic fragrances and use a deodorant with only natural and organic ingredients.

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9. Soothe Shaving Bumps with Milk

Another natural solution to fight redness and bumps after you shave is to use milk. Organic whole milk is best, but no matter what type of milk you have in your fridge, simply make a 50/50 milk and water solution, then use a soft washcloth to apply it to your skin for a soothing effect. Rinse it with lukewarm water.

10. Try Lip Balm to Stop Bleeding

When you cut yourself with the razor, one of the best hair removal hacks is to use a touch of clear hydrating lip balm on the nick. Don’t apply it directly from the tube. Make sure your hands are clean and apply a bit of chapstick on the top of your index finger, then gently massage it on your skin to stop the bleeding.