Eyebrow waxing is quick, simple and long-lasting method of shaping eyebrows. One of the greatest benefits is that you pull out many hairs at one time, rather than one by one. However, this means more pain as well. If you are not used to waxing and you are extremely sensitive, it can be really painful. Don’t panic because pain is only temporary and the result will last much longer than in the case of tweezing or plucking.

Before you try out waxing, make sure you ask a professional for advice and test different waxes in order to find the most suitable and exclude the possibility of allergic reactions. After repeated practice, you can find techniques that make waxing easier for you. Read our guide and learn how to wax your eyebrows at home in order to give a nice shape to your brows and accentuate your eyes.

Prepare your eyebrows for waxing. Wash the area and remove all the makeup residues. This is important since the wax has to adhere well to your skin. Brush your brows into place with a clean toothbrush so that you can see their natural curves. You can use some ice cubes as well, in order to numb the area where you will apply the wax.

After you have decided over the shape of your brows, step back a few steps from the mirror so that you can see your brows from a distance. Eyebrow stencils are wonderful choices if you want to create a perfect, symmetrical shape for your eyebrows.

Purchase a quality waxing kit composed of a jar or tube of wax, a spatula to apply the wax and some cotton strips for removal. In order to achieve maximum results, heat the wax according to the temperature written on the instructions, but make sure you do not overheat it, as it may cause serious burns.

Apply a thin coat of warm wax carefully in the direction of the hair growth, under your brows. You can use a toothpick to divide your brow when applying the wax. The most important thing is to use a small amount of wax on the spatula in order to work more precise and maintain control over waxing. At first it is a great idea to start with a few hairs and then continue with more when you gain grater confidence. Make sure you won’t let the wax dry. As a next step, press the cotton strip to the wax with a firm motion, wait a few seconds and then pull your eyelid taut. Remove the strip against the hair growth, opposite direction to the normal hair growth. Repeat it until all the unwanted hairs are removed and you achieve the desired eyebrow form. As a finishing touch, use the tweezers to remove the shorter hairs that were omitted. After you have finished with eyebrow waxing, make sure you clean your brow area properly to get rid of wax residues. You will be astonished how different you will look after this little procedure. Well-shaped, gorgeous eyebrows will completely transform your look, making you appear younger, more glamorous, sophisticated and classy.