Eyebrow threading is an eyebrow hair removal technique originated from India centuries ago.

This is a very interesting and efficient way of shaping your eyebrows, so more and more people seem interested in trying this method.

Threading can be used to remove hair from all over the body, it isn’t used just for eyebrows but it is the most common. The eyebrow threading technique uses a twisted piece of thread to remove the hair. It has a very precise hair line removal and is as efficient as waxing or tweezing because it removes the hair completely without breaking it.

eyebrow threading

It is actually more precise than tweezing because it removes the hair in a precise straight line, making the process easier and quicker. It is a very interesting procedure that can be done in salons or at home as well, and it isn’t very expensive.

More and more people seem to like having their eyebrows threaded because this procedure can be used to arch and shape the eyebrows in a precise way.

The eyebrows are shaped with a cotton thread. The thread is made into a double strand and twisted around a few times. Using the fingers move the twisted part up or down spreading your fingers that are in the opposite direction of the hair growth. As you spread your fingers the twisted thread will catch the hairs and remove them.

It can remove a whole row of hair, thus making threading a very precise and quick way of shaping eyebrows. For a novice of course it might take a while to learn how to do it, and the process will go relatively slow but for an experienced person the process could take just a few minutes to complete. So give it a try, go to a salon first to get your eyebrows threaded and see if you like it, or if you think you can do it on your own give it a try but do it carefully so you don’t ruin the shape of your eyebrows.