Eyebrow implants – as professionals claim – are one of the most searched transplants in the beauty industry. In the past it was almost impossible to regain the over- and inappropriately plucked hair. The modern technique invented a new remedy to re-establish the harmony and beauty of our face.

If you are tired of filling and shaping your eyebrows on a daily basis you might find this new technique extremely useful and appealing.

Since artificial fibers are banned materials when it some to implants, surgeons had to find the proper substitute for the complex procedure.

The best option proved to be the hair behind our ears. It’s gentle and easy to manage, besides it is completely natural.

This method will increase the chance to cure hair loss problems. The basic procedure looks the following way

To avoid feeling the pain of this complicated surgery, you are within anesthesia. Then, the healthy hair behind your ears is implanted into the eyebrow area.

The surgeon will take extra care of placing these new follicles in the right angle. The patient clarifies the preferred style and width beforehand.

More than 350 hairs are implanted into this area. In fact it is essential to be aware of the fact, that hair grows differently in every section of our eyebrows. The success of the surgery guarantees that soon the perfect eyebrows get an angled shape and that hair will follow the right direction of growth.

However those of you who think that by having an eyebrow implant you’ll save time and effort, are wrong.

In fact due to its healthy quality, the hair is rejuvenated and tends to grow faster than average.

That’s why it is essential to dedicate more time to tame your eyebrows. Trimming will be also necessary to keep them neat.

The surgery is done in a few hours, while sleeping, you won’t feel any pain, it won’t leave any visible signs and one session is way enough to regain your confidence and a spotless look.

Dr. Antonio Armani was the first beauty surgeon who launched these implants in 1999. As he claims Hollywood invaded his clinics in order to match the new statement eyebrow trends. Jennifer Connely’s and Brooke Shields’ eyebrows shape and style are the most requested.

The price might not be too appealing however one occasion is enough to fulfill your greatest wish, from $3,500 to $5,000.