There are a multitude of methods on how to establish the proper conditions for a successful hair removal. The quality of razor blades plays a crucial role in the beauty care process. Though some might use these supplies more times in a row it must be mentioned that there’s no need to spend a fortune on these when deciding to opt for shaving rather than other hair removal methods. Learning how to extend the life of razor blades is important in order to prevent the occurrence of any accidents that can threaten the spotless quality and look of our skin. Professionals furnish us with a wide array of guidelines that will leave us with some extra-nickles in our pocket and will also secure the essential circumstances for the proper hair removal.

Coarse Hair: Our both facial and body hair might get extremely coarse which can damage the condition of razor blades. The edges might get deformed and will loose their effect when using them in an inappropriate manner. One of the most important remedies is to let the follicles soften by wetting the area.

Moreover warm water is the quintessential means to do this. Leave the area free for a few minutes until the hair absorbs the liquid. It’s not a novelty either that cosmeticians advise us to choose the period after a relaxing shower as the perfect time for shaving. Due to the warmth and hydration the hair will become smooth and soft enough to be removed without any difficulties and ingrown hair problems.

Cleanse the Blade: The razor blade should be cleansed from the additional debris after the shaving process. Remove the hair and also the signs of the shaving cream. These when left to build-up on the surface of the blade can contribute to its deterioration.

One of the best remedies to preserve the sharpness of these instruments is to use Vodka or normal alcohol. More, this ritual will not only do miracles with the quality but will also disinfect the surface eliminating any bacteria or dirt.

Dry the Blade: some tend to leave the blades wet and dry naturally. However this is one of the great beauty fax pas. In order to prevent the formation of corrosion on the surface, dry the blade carefully. Use a soft towel that can thoroughly polish it and would keep rust away.

Always remove the excessive liquid from sharp supplies this way expanding their lifetime and saving some money on hair removal. You can also use a blow dryer that would profoundly dry the blade. In fact this is a method used also by professionals since, it offers a more efficient protection than a cloth or a soft tissue.

Storage: Store your razor blades in dry places rather than near the shower. Humidity is one of the great enemies of razor blades. Find the perfect and closed storing box or drawer that would protect the blades from getting in contact with water and other substances. Place it in a spot where you store all your beauty tools that need careful protection. Various manufacturers offer safety cups for various razors, have them at hand and cover the blades to avoid any accidents and damages. Organize your beauty cabinet according to some simple principles that aim to prolong the life of similar instrument.