The eyebrows have a special role in dressing up our image. Whether you prefer the more natural bushy type or the slimmer and sculpted one, it is equally vital to learn the know-how of brow styling. Threading, waxing are alternative methods, however tweezing maintains its top position when it comes of facial hair removal. It seems the less complicated trick that can be learned fast and by anyone.

Trying to avoid the pain of tweezing became a sport for you. Soon the hair will cover your eyes and you still are not convinced to start plucking those stubborn eyebrows. The greatest advantage of this technique is its efficiency, still the pain factor can be hardly avoided.

There’s remedy for this problem too, here are some useful tips on how to reduce tweezing pain.

ease tweezing pain

Before you begin the tweezing process it is recommended to wrap an ice cube into a paper towel and slightly rub your eyebrows with it. This will gradually numb the critical area, making the tweezing easier and more painless.

You can use this trick also after you finished, it will perfectly reduce the redness and the possible inflammation.

Alcohol can also have a soothing effect. Apply it to the eyebrows right before and while the tweezing lasts. If you feel that the tweezing is still painful, you might try to do it gradually.

Pluck one hair at a time, don’t rush, give yourself a few second to sooth. Then quickly wipe the brows again with the alcohol.

The cosmeticians’ tip is to tweeze your eyebrows immediately after taking a bath. The steam will efficiently dilate the pores, which eases the plucking process. If the hair will come out more quickly and without any extra effort, the tweezing will seem less painful.

Moreover try to pluck the hair exactly in the direction of growth. This way you’ll be able to prevent the appearance of ingrown hair. Avoid unpleasant hair removal accidents by following these principles. Get rid of ingrown hair and other bruises and redness by following the right plucking instructions.

If you still planned the hair removal to a different moment, you can still use a warm cloth to create the same effect. This will repeatedly open the pores and the brows will be plucked more easily. Proceed similarly to the earlier method and the tweezing will seem a piece of cake.

Chamomile tea can do miracles for all kinds of rushes, irritation and swelling. Pour some on a cotton ball and rub the eyebrows gently with it. This should sooth the pain and will prevent the skin from inflammation. Use it repeatedly if you still feel that the area is badly affected. Pamper your skin to have the perfect eyebrows.