Waxing pain is pretty uncomfortable, however there are things you can do to relieve it. This hair removal method has several advantages, but its most unpleasant drawback is indeed the pain it causes.

The following tips are basic methods to reduce waxing pain.

1. The best tip is to contact professionals when you decide to have a waxing session. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

Those who have experience in hair removal will help you in having a less painful waxing. However if you stick to homemade hair removal prepare your skin beforehand.

2. Using a body scrub can radically reduce the pain, since the wax will be more effective. Through scrubbing you eliminate dead cells, it also cleanses pores and hair follicles. Do this ritual one day before the waxing, it is a basic hygiene method, recommended for those who choose this hair removal technique.

How to Reduce Waxing Pain

3. Apply heat rather than cold to the skin before waxing. Cold or ice would only tighten pores which would make hair removal more difficult. That’s why use a warm cloth and rub your body with it, or you can take a shower with warm water before waxing. Steam will dilate your pores which will also reduce the pain.

4. You can apply some baby powder to your skin, if you feel it a bit oily or greasy. The powder will absorb excessive moisture so the wax can stick properly. The hair must be removed completely, the oil from the surface of our skin will only reduce its effectiveness. Professionals also apply this method to their clients, so it’s already tested.

5. We usually tend to be stressed and tense during waxing. Some might even hold their breath. Don’t do this, just relax – it is easier to endure the side effects of waxing when you breathe slowly and deeply. Try it, it will certainly work for you too!

6. The consumption of stimulants as: caffeine, sugar, alcohol or nicotine, right before the waxing session will do more harm than you think. These will only make your nervous system more eager to any impact. Your skin will be much more sensitive than normally. Avoid consuming those mentioned above at least 2-3 hours before the process in order to not traumatize your skin.