The hot stone massage therapy uses heated stones placed on the spine to relax our tensed body. This method enhances the relaxation of muscles.

The rocks used are generally smooth basalt lava stones, that are able to retain heat for a longer time. The stones are set on the main energy spots of the body, hot stone massage can reduce pain, discomfort. Moreover it can boost up your energy level.

The most important benefit of the hot stone massage therapy is that hot stones can dilate blood vessels, this way enhancing blood circulation. This factor will gradually sedate the nervous system which leads to a calmer state of mind and a distressed body.

The hot stone massage therapy is the following: as you arrive to the beauty salon, the masseur will prepare a special aromatherapy massage for your personal taste. Then he’ll apply this to your body, to prepare the body temperature for the hot stones.

The stones are heated beforehand in a special heater. The masseur will place the hot stones of different sizes, on the spine or under your body.

This way he’ll increase the effect of the heat on the body parts. The stones are placed on different areas from the forehead, spine, palms and even toes.

In fact it’s a known fact that these stones can penetrate even 3 cm into your muscles. Having a great soothing effect on them.

It was demonstrated that even if this method costs a bit more than a traditional Swedish massage, it doubles the effect of a regular session done with hands.

Hot stone massage is recommended for those who suffer from pain, insomnia, bad blood circulation it can also eliminate toxins from the organism. It is also perfect for those who tend to have cold feet or don’t prefer hand massage due to muscle tension.

Try it and you’ll see how much it differs from an ordinary massage, you’ll feel the depth of its effects. The heat will accelerate your metabolism, blood circulation and you’ll be more relaxed than when you actually sleep.