Mud baths date back to the dawn of time, being associated not only with complete relaxation, but also with many other benefits. The benefits of mud baths are:

– promoting a youthful complexion; – detoxifying the skin; – easing muscle tension; – alleviating inflammation; – and soothing arthritis-related joint pains.

Getting mud baths feel incredible in one of the most natural ways ever.

Before getting into it, a shower is necessary, just to be sure you are fully prepared for this great experience. After that, you will step into a tub containing mud at an approximate temperature of 110 degrees.

In the next 12 minutes – the period of time you’ll be staying inside that tube – you may experience drowsiness and sleepiness – due to a steamy environment and the mud’s soothing properties. After your time is up, you also may experience some difficulty in getting out of the tub, as the mud enrobed your body in a sticky and heavy sensation.

the benefits of mud baths

Another shower is also necessary now, but the funny thing is that you’ll have to scrape the mud off.

You’ll be blessed with an enormous sensation of weightlifting. A mud treatment is usually followed by a mineral bath, extremely soothing, energizing and invigorating. It will completely relax you, your body will rest and all negative energies will simply go away.

After this bath, experts recommend a steam bath and an invigorating massage to truly experience the benefits of mud baths.

The medical indications for mud treatments are also numerous:

rheumatic diseases, chronic arthritis, spine diseases, muscular atrophy, post-traumatic and post-surgical adhesions and scarring, psoriasis, eczema, chronic gynecological diseases and chronic internal diseases.