To make your bathing time super fun and relaxing, make you own bath frizzies! These made of ingredients that fizz in contact with water and release certain scents and softening agents for the skin.

Make your own bath fizzies with the following recipe: You need 1 scoop of citric acid, 2 scoops of baking soda powder, which hazel, vitamin E oil, essential oils with fragrance of your choice and a dome mold.

Mix the baking soda and the citric acid making sure they are very well blended. It is very important to blend them well so that the bath fizzies will fizz.

Add the vitamin E oils and some drops of your favorite essential oil. Using a spray bottle spritz which hazel onto the mixture while stirring with your other hand.

How to make bath frizzies

Squirt the which hazel until the mixture sticks together when you squish it. Don’t squirt too much because they will start to fizz. When you got the right texture place the mixture quickly into molds making sure they are packed tight, let them set for a couple of minutes, tap them out and let them air dry for a few hours until they harden.

Now you are all set and ready for a fun and relaxing fizzy bath.