Everybody needs some time on his or her own. Nothing is better than a perfect spa experience that refreshes your body and restores your spirits after a busy day at work. Save some time for yourself and create your own home spa, a little paradise, where you can escape for a few minutes in order to rest, relax and renew.

Nowadays, we are in a constant rush. We spend long hours in front of our computers, in the traffic, or hurrying from one place to another and we usually get home in the evening. With a few simple things we can transform our home into a mini spa and create a perfect atmosphere for recreation, without having to pay for expensive spa treatments.

If you want to be part of this experience every day, read on to find out what are those few spa products that can easily be purchased and will turn your spare time into really precious moments!

Candles Candles are a must for creating the relaxing atmosphere for a home spa. Plan a for a soothing spa afternoon and don’t let everybody bother you for a few hours, so you can indulge in moments of complete relaxation. Candles can immediately set the mood and create the right ambience for a spa experience. If you want it to be more fun, you can even invite your best friend(s) to join you. You can choose from many types of aromatherapy candles in different shapes or scents, either delicate or vibrant, depending on how do you want to feel: energetic or relaxed.

Foam Bath One of the greatest features of a home spa session is a relaxing foam bath soak where you can calm and pamper your body and soul with exotic tropical scents that will escape you to distant places. You can create an exotic infused bath with a splash of coconut, pineapple, mandarin, ylang-ylang, vanilla or lavender aroma, and enjoy a long, soothing spa. The rich bubbles and the sensual fragrances of the foam bath offer a great remedy to unwind and a perfect way for deep relaxation. The foam bath treatments are formulated with essential oils to moisturize and soften your skin from head-to-toe. Take time to meditate and give yourself some quiet time.

Facial and Body Scrubs Facial and body scrubs are a great way to complete a perfect home spa experience. Scrubs gently exfoliate and revitalize your skin by removing the dry, dead skin cells. This is one of the easiest home spa treatment to have a naturally glowing, healthy looking, smooth skin.

Facial Mask Treat your face with delicate facials and save some time for your beauty. There is no need to dress up and go into an expensive salon, when you can easily prepare a fresh fruit mask at home, or you can purchase some ready-made nourishing, refreshing, tightening or smoothing facial masks from every cosmetic store.

Spa Music While indulging in your home spa experience, listen to your favorite ambiental or chill-out spa music in order to put yourself in a relaxation mood, to unwind from the stress and re-balance your mind and your body.

Robes and Towels You don’t even have to step out of your bathroom to feel as if you are in a spa. One of the greatest pleasures after a tiresome day is taking off your clothes and putting on a smooth plush bathrobe and a pair of soft spa slippers. For the ultimate spa feeling of comfort, make sure you have smooth towels and wraps on hand.