Essential oils are acknowledged remedies for different illnesses. Used in Aromatherapy, these miraculous lotions can revive our body and relieve pain. Finding the right oil for a certain scope is a challenging job.

There are endless plants that have an amazingly refreshing and pampering effect on our skin . Let’s see the common essential oils in body care.

Lemon Oil

This essential oil is used mainly in acne and infection treatment. However it can release your body from stress and insomnia also. It’s a huge source for vitamins and antioxidants. It was also proved that lemon essential oils can increase concentration and removes negative feelings. When it comes to skin care it is well-known that lemon has a refreshing quality, making dull skin revive immediately.It is used mainly for detox rituals, being an antiseptic it can prevent and heal skin disorders. It is highly advised for people with an oily complexion.


These fabulous potions are used in various beauty rituals. It’s also a pain and stress booster. As a natural disinfectant it can do miracles both for your skin and scalp. Besides having an enchanting perfume it also protects our skin from different infections and fungus. Wrinkle and acne treatments use it with confidence. Moreover lavender oil has the ability to heal bruises and cuts as well as sunburns. Opt for it if you feel the need for a chilling aromatherapy session.


Chamomile is an ancient treasure for skin and body care. As an anti-depressant it can free your muscles from tension. It can immediately boost your mood, creating a happy feeling. Chamomile oils can used to tone up both skin and scalp as well as muscles.It enhances the elimination of toxins from our body. By cleaning the skin it can prevent the appearance of acne and inflammation.


The name of this essential oil reveals the fresh and floral quality of it. Indeed ylang-ylang is used in many domains, especially body care. Due to its stimulating effect it can balance out the proper sebum production in our body. It moisturizes our skin effectively making it look healthy and glowing. Ylang-Ylang is used in aromatherapy as a perfect scent and lotion for a relaxing massage.


As an evergreen plant it also offers eternal bliss to our body. If applied to our skin it will be absorbed on the spot, while still leaving our pores to breathe naturally. People with dry skin are highly advised to use it, it will smooth wrinkles and complete moisture loss.

Jojoba has an anti-bacterial quality that’s why it can prevent inflammation and infections. It is usually added to body and skin lotions in order to hydrate our body. Cosmetic producers use it to make their products both nice smelling and reviving.