For most women a day at the spa is the perfect pampering experience as well an effective relaxing, mood boosting activity. Although visiting the spas on a regular basis sounds appealing the hefty prices spas charge for their services is often a deterrent for many women. However those who have a more frugal attitude towards beauty can also enjoy the benefits of a spa-like experience if they are willing to spend a little time preparing for the experience and gathering all the necessary supplies.

Most of the ingredients required for spa treatments are readily available in your home. However thinking in advance about the treatments you would like to try and checking if you have all the need ingredients can be useful to avoid less minute stress that could diminish the overall pleasant experience. Here are a few homemade treatments ideas you might want to use:

Detoxifying bath Few things can spell relaxation better than a long warm bath. Adding salts to the bath water can be a great eco friendly way to detoxify our skin while relaxing our body in the process. Baking soda is a great choice for a detoxifying bath as it is very gentle on the skin. Epsom salts can be an equally good alternative.

A few drops of your favorite essential oil is a great idea if aromatherapy sounds appealing to you. If getting silky skin is your top goal making a mixture of 1 cup boiling water, 3 cups of powdered milk and 4 chamomile tea bags added to the bath water is a treatment you might want to experiment with.

Homemade body scrubs There are various body scrubs recipes depending on what you want to achieve. A mixture of equal parts of olive oil and sugar can be a great choice for sensitive areas such as your face and your lips while a mixture of coffee grounds and and olive oil can help you minimize cellulite. If you are looking for something a little more complex you could try the following recipe: mix a little papaya with oatmeal and aloe vera gel. The oatmeal is a great natural exfoliant while papaya and aloe vera contain enzymes that are beneficial for the skin.

Facials You can choose a variety of homemade facials depending on your goal. For a face mask that will help you fight acne you will need to mix 1 tbs of cinnamon with q tbs of ground nutmeg and a teaspoon of honey to bind the ingredients together in a thick paste. Both nutmeg and and cinnamon have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties while honey moisturizes the skin. Citrus fruit masks are probably not the best choice for those who have dry, sensitive skin but they can be a fabulous choice who want to tighten pores and have a glowing complexion. To combat puffiness around the eyes cooled tea bags or a few slices of cucumber are tested remedies that deliver good results.

Body lotion If you are tired of your old body lotion and you want to spice things up a bit then this recipe is for you: mix ¼ cup of coconut milk with 1 cup of body cream and add a few drops of vanilla extract . If you don’t use this mixture right away don’t worry as it can be used for 5 days with no problems if you store it in a dry cool place.

Easy Homemade Spa Treatments

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