Sauna has a long history starting from the Finnish settlers who dug a hole in the ground and heated it with a fireplace, primarily used for dwelling.

This invention went through many changes due to the industrial revolution, but today it is affordable for everyone, why not benefit from its advantages. Let’s see some tips for those who would like to visit saunas more frequently.

Our skin as during a workout if cleansed properly, becomes clearer and healthier. Sweat is a natural cleanser for a youthful skin. Repeated sessions in the sauna – and especially if you choose the right temperature – will do miracles to your pores.

It was demonstrated that regular sauna combined with workout can eliminate the harmful toxins and chemicals, as well as drugs from our organism.

It strengthens your immune system and reduces the different harmful bacteria and viruses. Frequent sauna visits burn calories, intensify metabolism and after a nice workout you can double its effect. A session at the sauna must not last more than an hour, unless it will exhaust you.

Have breaks after 15-15 minutes.

Take a shower before and after being in the sauna. Remove dirt from your body and don’t let your pores absorb it. The temperature of your body suddenly increases, have a bath unless, you’ll feel dizzy.

Have a towel placed under you while being in the sauna and another to wipe your sweat, to avoid contaminating with bacteria.

Remove all your clothes and jewelry.

When having a sauna wait 1-2 hours before taking a meal.

If you are recovering from an illness, you’re physically exhausted and/or pregnant, you should avoid sweat bathing. Finally, sauna is a perfect stress buster, when you are feeling tensed.