White spots on the skin are not generally associated with pain or irritation, but they are often a cause of embarrassment and frustration, especially in people with darker skin tones, the small white spots contrasting visibly with the natural skin color. White spots on the skin can be unaesthetic, so people try different methods to cover them up or even treat them. Fortunately, there are plenty of treatments available on the market that deal with this kind of skin problem.

What Causes White Spots on Skin?

As explained by health professionals, some of the most common white spots on skin are known as Vitiligo. This type of white skin spots can appear on different body parts such as hands and arms, legs and feet, on face, even on your lips, and around eyes. Behind this white spot on skin problem lays the malfunctioning of the melanin producing cells.

Other reasons may be an auto-immune disease, deficiency of vitamin B12, hyper-activity of the thyroid glands, extreme tiredness and stress, genetics or increased exposure to UVA/UVB rays. Heavy camouflage creams are often used to hide white spots on skin, but daily application can be really time-consuming.

Face Exposed To Sun

Fungus Causing White Spots on Skin

A specific type of fungus growing uncontrollably can cause a condition identified as Tinea Versicolor. This white spots on skin fungus affects the cells that cause the skin to get bronzed, so when certain areas are infected, skin will often present white spots or patches. Each white spots on skin fungus case is different, but the treatment is always the same: you can definitely treat this type of white spot on skin infection with prescribed anti-fungal creams and lotions.

White Spots on Skin after Tanning

If you love summertime and sunbathing by the seaside or at the pool, you should always make sure that your skin isn’t exposed to the damaging effects of the UVA/UVB rays without having previously applied a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen. White spots on skin after tanning are an indicator of a fungal infection and it becomes visible only after you get suntanned: the white spots on skin remain. In this case, treatment of small white spots on skin can be successfully achieved with anti-fungal creams.

Once you know white skin spots being caused by fungal infections or triggered by other skin conditions, you should consider checking with a medical expert from the very first sign of small white spots on skin. If you get white spots on skin after tanning, ask your dermatologist to determine the cause of the issue and advise proper treatment.

White Spots On Skin

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