There are numerous sections of the face and body to deal with when it comes to acne. Some might have them on their nose, forehead or chin others could struggle with pimples that flooded their back, neck and other delicate spots. In order to use the A-list remedies that will restore the spotless condition of our complexion it is important to expand our knowledge on acne and skin problems.

The main factors that can generate zits are extreme weather conditions and their impact on our skin as well as an unhealthy diet, hormonal causes together with other health issues. What causes Acne in certain areas? If you’re willing to dive into this skin care domain you’ll have the necessary information below to finish up your detailed course on the subject of acne and use only the most efficient treatments that save you from pain and discomfort.

Back Acne

Back acne is generated by the hyper-activity of the sebaceous glands that produce a large amount of natural oil. The oily sebum can clog the pores, a process that leads to pimples. Tight clothes can also contribute to the formation of zits on your back. These irritate and damage the skin causing inflammation and an inappropriate skin condition. An additional factor that ruins the spotless state of your complexion is when you skip showering after a workout session. Body acne can be easily generated by sweat and excessive natural oils that become trapped in your pores contributing to the formation of zits.

Forehead Acne

Pimples on your forehead can be pretty eye-popping and painful. There are different possible reasons for the appearance of zits in this particular area. One would be that you’re wearing hats or any other headwear designs that could carry a lot of bacteria contaminating your skin. Additionally, we must include in the main reasons of forehead acne the various hair styles.

Those who sport bangs might be more prone to having pimples in this section. The locks can hurt and also irritate your pores, moreover these often carry grease or dirt which can penetrate into the depth of your skin layers. Finally it can also appear due to the impact of chemical ingredients from shampoos and conditioners that might get in touch with your complexion.

Chin Acne

One of the most common culprits to name for the formation of chin acne are our dirty hands. Indeed, people unconsciously touch their face more than it is necessary. Therefore, the bacteria and other harmful ingredients might contaminate and damage the skin causing serious problems. Acne is a severe skin condition that can appear on your chin also by using inappropriate skin care products. If you see that a few zits popped up on your chin after using a particular moisturizer or cleanser make sure you quit applying it on your skin. The result will be visible after a few days.

Nose Acne

Nose acne is one of the most uncomfortable and painful skin conditions. Due to the sensitivity of the area, it is pretty difficult to handle pimples especially if you choose the popping method. Zits will appear in this area due to health problems, namely the sebum production is too high and the pores can’t eliminate the amount of natural sebum produced by the gland. In this case it is extremely important either to change our diet or experiment with the natural remedies used to treat an oily complexion.

Cheek Acne

Some people might struggle with pimples on their cheeks. Pro skin specialists claim that this particular section of our face is extremely sensitive. Therefore, it is more prone to fall victim to external factors as the harsh weather conditions and dirt. Cheek acne can be extremely painful and can be easily aggravated if we are obsessed with picking and touching our face. Those who wish to get rid of this type of acne, should definitely keep their hands off their face and pay special attention to this area using natural facials and other soothing remedies.

What Causes Acne in Certain Areas?

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