Cold sores look like blisters that usually develop on the lips. They are caused by a virus called herpes simplex. Cold sores can easily be transmitted from one person to another by kissing or drinking after a person who has a cold sore.

Cold sores are recurrent and cannot be permanently treated. There are remedies that can help stop the spread of the cold sore and help speed up the healing process. Cold sores can make a person feel uncomfortable but keep in mind that the physical state of mind and the state of the immune system can trigger a cold sore to appear.

To help speed up the healing process or prevent a cold sore from appearing you need to:

make sure you are leading a healthy lifestyle in order for your immune system to function at it’s best

apply ointment such as acyclovir or zovirax as soon as you feel the tingling sensation which appears before a cold sore emerges

clean the area of the cold sore and wash your hands every time you touch it. The clod sore can easily be transmitted and you risk developing more cold sores

discard your toothbrush as soon as you cold sore has passed because the virus can remain on your toothbrush and you risk getting infected again

do not apply the lipstick or lip gloss directly on the cold sore because you will transmit the virus onto the lip gloss or lipstick and get it infected as well. Use a clean cotton swab to apply ointment, lipstick or any other product on your lips

do not stress yourself out because stress can also help trigger the cold sore get enough sleep because fatigue influences the development of cold sores

make sure you get enough zinc in your organism because the zinc molecules can prevent the cold sore to appear. Apply a solution of zinc and water directly on the place where you feel the tingling

use an SPF lipstick to protect your lips from the sun. Sun exposure can also help trigger the cold sore

This virus is transmitted at the time the virus is active. A cold sore if treated properly can be healed in about 5 days. A cold sore which doesn’t get treated can last up to 2 weeks.

Relax and get the cold sore treated as soon as you can feel it coming. If you develop more than 2 cold sores a year consult your physician so he can prescribe medical treatment.