Essential oils are used in various beauty domains due to their splendid and visible effect on treating various skin disorders as well as strengthening our hair, nails and even immune system. Some would rely on cosmetic treatments others on medication. However all these seem to have some difficulties when guaranteeing the lack of side-effects. Those who long for a flawless complexion and elimination of any damaging factors should consider the following soothing and neutralizing treatments. Including a similar ritual in the weekly or daily beauty routine will guarantee the improvement of the skin condition as well as gradual disappearance of acne. These are some of the top essential oils used in skin care with efficient and smashing results.

Lavender Oil

It was demonstrated by several experiments that lavender has a fabulous effect on worn-out and damaged skin. Our complexion can be spared of the worst skin disorders with a healthy natural treatment. Moreover lavender oil is also able to banish the inflammation that joins acne symptoms. However it must be also mentioned that similar essential oils should be diluted with a few drops of water before applying it to the affected areas.

Therefore prepare a soothing solution by pouring a few drops of lavender oil on a cotton ball, then add some water. Make sure your skin is clean before placing the cotton ball on the acne. Keep it on for a few minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Proceed the following way at least twice a week to have the desired result.

Tea Tree Oil

This natural ingredient is used in beauty care with great confidence. Skin care products specially designed for acne prone skin contain this element due to its anti-oxidant and implicitly healing effect. Use this organic tool to combat the formation of acne. Thanks to its antibacterial quality it will eliminate the factors that would increase the number of acne both on our face and also body.

Furthermore specialists also use it due to its anti-inflammatory effect. All you have to do is pour a few drops of this lotion on a cotton ball.Don’t forget about dilution, to minimize the damaging effect of the harsh concentration of essential oils. Rub the acne or the affected skin portion with this treatment at least once a day to have a guaranteed effect.Have a tiny bottle in your drawer to keep an emergency acne solution at hand.

Clove Oil

Acne prone skin tends to struggle with various unfortunate conditions as inflammation, in severe cases infection as well as whiteheads. These all can be treated and neutralized with clove oil. For the sake of the skin however it is highly recommended to combine its use with grapeseed oil that can lessen the harsh effect of the organic essential oil.

Whether you are struggling with redness and the upcoming formation of a whitehead or would like to take the proper precautions to prevent the appearance of blemishes, try the effect of clove oil. Pour a few drops of it together with a few drops of grapeseed oil on a cotton ball, then rub wipe the surface of the whiteheads or affected skin patches with it.

As an efficient emergency solution it can be used in special cases since there’s no need to expose our complexion to deterioration, therefore use this trick in your weekly rather than daily routine.

Rosewood Oil

This essential oil has not only a heavenly perfume but can also treat various kin problems as acne. Those who have oily skin might consider it the best solution to control and monitor sebum production.

Acne appears in increased measure in the case of those who have a greasy complexion, therefore using a similar natural remedy would spare them of the headaches caused by clogged pores and inflammation. On the other hand those who have ultra-sensitive skin should skip this ritual. In order to enjoy the benefits of rosewood oil, pour some of this lotion on a cotton ball add 2 drops of water and massage the damaged skin sections with it. Use it on a daily basis if you have acne prone skin.