There’s no doubt that those who struggle with skin problems know very well how annoying clogged and large pores can be. These are the chief warning signs when something goes wrong either with our skin or beauty routine.

Paying extra-attention to them is the essential condition to avoid acne and more severe skin disorders. Following an appropriate skin care practice is vital for a great complexion.

Besides the cosmetic methods there are several homemade tricks to keep them in top shape. In order to perfect our pore care routine it is useful to deepen our knowledge about these tiny holes in our skin.

There are several rituals spread all around the world, that might even mislead people. It’s time to reveal the truth about pore myths offered by skin care professionals.

Pores might seem unimportant and tiny details of our skin. However these have a crucial function being miniature exits to eliminate the excessive sebum from our skin.

This is an essential process in order to keep our complexion spotless and neat. The natural moisture will keep our skin hydrated and free from harmful toxins.

Get Rid of Pores Definitely

One of the most well-known myths in skin care that with the proper treatment you can get rid of pores. In fact there’s no remedy to eliminate these small spots.

More it would be a great loss if we would lose one of the crucial channels to eliminate the harmful toxins from our skin. These would soon build up causing more severe and visible skin disorders than.

Instead what can be done is to decrease the size of these, to an extent that they become almost invisible. Keeping them clean and unclogged is the remedy to apparently mask them.

Washing your face with pure water can do miracles, however if you are a cosmetic addict you might consider the use of cleansers designed for your skin type. Devote a few minutes daily to remove the dirt and oil excess from your face to enjoy your flawless complexion.

Pores Close and Open[b]

It is a common theory that pores can be easily opened and closed. However it should be taken into account that this process is not really possible, since there are no muscles in them.

Indeed facial steaming is an ancient method to unclog and enlarge pores, still according to skin care professionals this ritual will only ease the extraction of the toxins and build up from these little holes rather than having any effect on the pore itself.

Some cosmeticians would advise you to keep away of these practices. Since the debris is best and properly removed by skilled professionals rather than through homemade methods.

Unclogging the pores can be done also through cosmetic products that will guarantee the elimination of toxins, oil and dirt from pores.

[b]Frequent Face Washing Clean Pores

Indeed organic beauty fans might advise you to wash your face only with pure water without using any chemicals.

The truth behind this theory is that there’s no need to torture our skin with artificial stuff to remove the oil and dirt. However it should be also considered that frequent washing can also leave our skin dehydrated.

The oil glands take the moisture elimination from the surface of the skin as a warning sign, that it’s time to give some sebum to keep the complexion hydrated.

This will further boost the production of grease excess creating the impression of an extremely oily skin. Reduce the frequency of facial cleansing, and stick to washing your face only twice a day.

Blackheads Are Simply Dirt

It seems that people seem to have a pleasure in over-simplifying things. The problem of blackheads however is more complicated than that. It’s no wonder that it is so difficult to remove the debris from these black spots, since these are all results of a complex reaction.

Oxidation occurs when the sebum gets in contact with oxygen, that’s why it might seem that this is simply dirt. Exfoliation and cleansing is the best solution to reduce the formation of blackheads and enhance the removal of those that are already formed.