Acne is something most teenagers have to deal with at one point. Acne is caused by a bacteria which develops in the organism, a bacteria which causes breakouts, even cysts. Acne is a difficult thing to handle especially during the teenage years where hormones also influence our skin.

Most of the time acne clears up on it’s own, or with the help of certain over the counter products like face washes, spot treatments, toners, but in some cases other more serious approaches are necessary like oral treatments. Oral treatments are prescribed only by dermatologist who can find out the problem and prescribe the right medication for the job. Usually to clear up acne dermatologists prescribe antibiotics to kill the bacteria that causes acne, antibiotics like erythromycin, tetracycline.

These antibiotics used to be very helpful in helping clearing out acne but it seems that nowadays more and more acne treated with antibiotics fails to clear up.

Does this mean that there is a new and stronger type of acne – a super-acne? It actually seems like yes. Acne causing bacteria, just like any other type of bacteria can suffer mutations and become more resistant to medication. It seems that this is the case of super-acne, which fails to respond to regular acne antibiotic treatments.

acne acne threat

Do not be frightened though that your acne will not be treatable. There are other, stronger antibiotics that can be used to cure acne problems. Also it is believed that by combating the acne bacteria from two fronts, from the inside as well as from the outside of the body, there are smaller chances to become resistant to treatment.

This is one of the reason most physicians prescribe antibiotics only when there is a really problematic acne problem like cystic acne and super-acne. By minimizing the antibiotics introduced into the body you minimize the chances that the bacteria becomes resistant to the drugs. This should be one of the reasons people who suffer from acne should not take any drugs without a prescription.

Another aspect when dealing with acne is to keep the skin clean and make sure you are not picking your pimples. The temptation on picking your pimples is hard to resist this is why most people don’t stand clear of their face. Due to that fact the pimples may not disappear. Picking the pimples will only cause more pimples to appear, thus aggravating the situation.

Consult your physician and stick to the treatment your doctor prescribes. Follow your doctors instructions thoroughly and your acne will eventually clear up. Time, patience and conscientiousness are all the weapons you need.

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