Skin conditions only create more difficulties when it comes to applying makeup. What to do when pimples or acne are prominent? Is there something you can do to hide these with makeup or even get rid of them?

The answer is yes. Before applying any kind of makeup, your first step should be to gently clean your face. Next apply an astringent solution so that dirt won’t get into the pores and avoid the appearance of pimples.

For less noticeable pimples, you should consider a concealer and then a high-coverage foundation.

Be careful when applying it, you need to do it really soft and carefully. Standard makeup follows up. Special medical makeup products are based on special formulas and are mostly water and transfer resistant – these are high coverage products specially made for facial scars. These also can be used on pimples, temporary wounds, bruises.

You can ask a specialist for something that does not clog pores, this will surely make your job a lot easier and you’ll be sure you’re using the right product.

This kind of special makeup usually contains ingredients that kill bacteria and cleans out your pores and it is usually non-allergenic.

Proper hygiene is absolutely necessary at any moment of your life, and if you’re suffering from acne, it becomes a must. Moisturizers, exfoliants, facial creams will keep your skin clean, your pores happy and, in time may heal your condition. Internal nutrition is our best friend, as most skin problems usually tend to come from inside.

Follow healthy diets, don’t avoid fruits (lots of fresh fruits!) and vegetables, and remember to stay hydrated by drinking at least 6 to 8 cups of water a day.

Of course, a visit to a specialist needs to be considered – the only one specialized in skin problems, and the most suitable person to help when skin problems, like acne, are present in your life.