Many people suffer from Rosacea, a persistent inflammatory disorder of the complexion. It is very uncomfortable and often painful, however there is no clear explanation for its appearance.

The following ideas will help you prevent the appearance of this disorder and camouflage its symptoms. There are several triggers that can generate this disease, it’s good to know them beforehand. You have to plan your own prevention schedule.

To prevent the worsening of Rosacea clear your skin gently every day, remove the dirt in order to keep your pores clean.

The extreme weather conditions are worst enemies of Rosacea. That’s why don’t forget to use facial sun protection, preferably oil-free ones. Avoid exposure to sun or extreme cold, these will aggravate your state.

Wear sunglasses and hats, to protect your complexion from sun and wind.

Heat is also harmful, stay in air-conditioned places. If the weather is really hot, drink cold water or just sprinkle some on your face. High humidity can generate sudden breakouts – it is also recommended to keep away from hot showers or baths.

Your eating habits can also influence the state of the Rosacea.Intensive flavors can worsen your situation, avoid coffee, alcohol, chocolate and mainly spicy food. Your skin will immediately warn you with blemishes and redness.

Your hands can be real bacteria fields, so touch your irritated face as rarely as possible. Excessive oil and dirt are main causes of Rosacea.

There are several products, mainly cleansers that can help you in relieving the discomfort. If you’re an active person always keen to make some physical exercises, do it! But how can you avoid overheating? Do your workout at early evening, when the sun has no power, or do it in the morning. Balance your water loss with drinking liquids and fruits. Swimming is the perfect physical activity for you.

When doing your skin care routine avoid brushing your face with rough towels, also keep away from perfumed cosmetics. You don’t know your skin’s reaction to these.

Use water-based makeup products rather than oil-based ones. Use herbal methods rather than chemical ones to treat redness. Try the following tomato paste facial mask.

Ingredients: – 4 tomatoes – some ground oatmeal – 1 tsp honey

Crush tomatoes and add the honey, then oat and make a paste of it.

Then, apply it to your cleansed face. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm (not hot) water. It will help you in keeping your pores clean and healthy and will also soothe your face.