Pimples might just pop up on your face without any preliminary signs. Indeed this can be attributed to various factors that might be often neglected due to the lack of knowledge of the formation of this skin problems. We know that hormones, inappropriate skin care routines as well as pollution can lead to this situation. However it is also worth considering some of the secret acne causes that are often omitted when treating this important problem. These can contaminate the skin with simple contacts and cause the skin cells irreversible damages. Those who would like to be prepared for the unexpected will have the chance to find out more on the causes that would trigger the formation of pimples on your flawless skin condition. Include in your precautions the following tricks to flaunt your fabulous skin condition.

Dirty Hands

Our hands might be a real field of germs especially if we touch various objects due to our work. Handles as well as furniture, our shoes as well as other objects can lead to the severe contamination of the pores with chemicals and grime.

Face picking is one of the worst habits of society, therefore more and more people struggle with adult and teen acne.These conditions can lead to infection as well as inflammation. The pimples might just pop up on the face without warning signs.

Self-control is the keyword when dealing with similar skin problems. Therefore make sure you keep your dirty hand off your complexion even though your are convinced that after washing them with soap won’t do any harm to your skin.


It is one of the common mistakes we might make due to a careless attitude, that we dry our hands with the same towel we did our face and viceversa. This can lead to infection as the bacteria might travel all around the body from hands to face and back. Therefore skin specialists attract our attention to the importance of skin hygiene. Keep your towels fresh and clean, make sure you use separate ones for every body part and ditch them into the washing machine after drying either your hands or face. Don’t let dust, dirt and bacteria penetrate into the depth of your skin. Instead choose the best fabric as well as make sure of the cleanness of towels before using them.

Fatty Foods

It was demonstrated endless times that our diet can have a radical effect on our complexion. Therefore skipping the food that can trigger pimples is one of the most important measures to take when polishing our skin care routine. Fatty foods as well as fried meat or vegetables would make you feel stuffed, this can lead also to some severe changes in the metabolism as well as the functioning of the oily glands.

As fried dishes are the most difficult to digest your organism might be unable to complete the detoxifying routine and the free agents might stuck in your body. This will have also an indirect impact on your skin leading to acne. Keep your nutritional plan free from fatty foods instead substitute them with healthy vegetables as well as other delicious ingredients.


Pillows can be soothing and soft, still as in the case of all fabrics and surfaces we might detect some of the most dangerous acne triggers due to the repeated contact with other objects. In order to adopt some of the main principles of skin hygiene change pillows regularly preferably 2-3 times per week.

Remember the bacteria that might have settled on your strands as well as skin can mingle into a deadly recipe and ruin the spotless quality of your complexion. Those who struggle with oily skin should be more aware of the danger of using the same pillow case for a longer period.


We use our phone endless time per day, moreover we tend to place it wherever we can without taking into account the neatness of the surface. Our phone however might carry the most damaging bacteria that could enter our pores and infect skin cells leading to pimples. These tiny and useful gadgets touch our face, and this brief or long-lasting contact can trigger the formation of acne especially if we skipped to wipe off the grime from the surface of it. From now on it is important to have baby or facial wipes at hand and cleanse the surface that touches our face with these beauty tools. This way you’ll secure the proper condition of your complexion.