The best pimple popping are also the grossest, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming viral sensations. While many squirm when watching them, they often contain important lessons about extracting blackheads, whiteheads and even sebaceous cysts.

Check out the most important pimple popping tips we’ve learned from gross videos that will shock you. Remember that it’s always best to leave extraction to the pros, but if you absolutely have to do it yourself, here’s what you should know.

Don’t Wait Forever

Tackling a zit too soon can lead to a nasty infection, usually in the form of a big red bump, but waiting for too long can be just as bad.

 When it comes to pimple popping, the best videos feature blackheads, zits and cysts that are years old. Don’t ignore the problem for too long or it will definitely turn into a nightmare that you won’t be able to unsee.

Sterilize Everything

One of the most important pimple popping tips is that you don’t tackle zits without a white or yellow head. However, if you do, sterilizing your instruments is very important. Disinfect your comedone extractor or needle with rubbing alcohol. You can also use gloves, or at the very least wash your hands thoroughly and cover your fingers with tissue paper before the extraction.

Don’t Push Too Hard

While the sound of a zit popping all at one can be satisfying, as proved by some of the best pimple popping videos, pressing your skin too hard can also increase the risk of infection. Start gently and make sure that you always remove the acne root, not just the pus, so the problem is solved once and for all.

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

It’s always better to prevent rather than treat, particularly when it comes to ingrown hairs. While they’re more common for men, ingrown hairs affect everybody, particularly after shaving. So from the perspective of pimple popping tips, try to prevent them or deal with them quickly. The more you wait, the more the hair will grown inside the follicle and increase the risk of infection.

Check Behind Your Ears

Some of the best pimple popping videos feature acne that went out of control on the backside of your ear lobe. With or without any piercings, infections localized there can get tricky. That’s why it’s better to ask a dermatologist for help instead of doing it in front of the mirror yourself.

Choose the Right Place

One of the best pimple popping tips is making sure that the extraction won’t create a mess. If you want to do it in front of your bathroom mirror, make sure that your toothbrush and toiletries are protected. However, if you’ve got a few ounces of pus to get out, then definitely take it outdoors, like the unlucky people in this video.

Use Two Fingers

If you’re busy trying to make one of the best pimple popping videos, you might ignore the proper procedure. Always use two fingers to extract and clear up your pores. Pushing from a single side can actually increase the risk of infection and not get everything out to prevent further problems.

Take Bacne Seriously

Since the pores on your back are larger than those on your face, they can get clogged easier. Make sure that you regularly exfoliate your back and treat any acne at the right moment. One of the best pimple popping tips for your back area is to seek the assistance of a dermatologist. Using a spot treatment is also important, since back acne usually lasts longer.

Stop at Clear Liquid and Blood

If you’re into pimple popping, the best videos usually feature a big mistake that aestheticians advise against. Squeezing too much or for too long can actually push bacteria further down your skin, and can actually cause more pimples to pop up. Once the pus is out, stop, don’t keep pushing when lymphatic fluid and blood are all that’s coming out.

Don’t Ask Your Friends for Help

Whether you’re dealing with bacne or something more complicated, like cystic acne or sebaceous cysts, one of the most important pimple popping tips is reducing the risk of scarring by getting help from a professional. Asking your friends to do get involved just means more things can go wrong.