Acne whether severe or only in formation can cause a lot of damaged to our complexion. Some might be generated by internal some by external factors. That’s why it is important to identify the nature of the blemish in order to opt for the appropriate treatment. Before engaging into a banishing project it is worth taking a closer look to the condition of acne. It might be only at a primary or a more critical state.

Both teenagers and adult are tortured by this disorder that’s why the reasons for their formation can be attributed only to the excessive hormone production that induces the sebaceous glands to the production of grease as well as to clogged pores. These tips will help you in acquiring the proper knowledge base to find out more in the condition of your acne and its origin.

Acne Cosmetica

The name already reveals that this type of acne is generated by the use of inappropriate cosmetic products. Due to the effect of the trauma it might persist still it is not as severe as to necessitate urgent medical help. You can identify them either on the body however it is more visible on the scalp, hairline , face as well as neck. These are the spots that are exposed to harsh ingredients from different beauty products.

The main signs you can recognize it from are the tiny bumps on the surface of the skin. You’ll immediately feel the dry and irritated quality of these spots.

In fact the main reason that triggers their appearance is the use of skin or hair care products that are comedogenic, a skin care term used to denote clogged pores.

These lotions can be moisturizers, makeup products, pomade and foundation or eye creams. The oil excess will stuck into these bumps enhancing the irritation and the formation of blemishes.

Acne Mechanica

This form of acne can also be encountered by people who engage into constant physical activities. These bumps appear mainly on the body, since the main triggering factor that generates them is heat and sweat.

It is advisable to analyze your skin and think about the conditions that might have generated these spots. In fact these acne types might hide under the skin until another factor as friction won’t worsen them resulting in irritation and pimples. Sports gear and tight clothes are often the main culprits when it comes of bacne or body acne. Be careful with tight tops, bras, and even purse straps. Cleansing the affected area is the best solution of the problem.

Excoriated Acne

This is one of the most common acne types that is in fact generated by our inappropriate skin care. Namely, by picking the blemishes and torturing pimples we’ll damage the tissues to an extent that it results in skin disorder. People are often disturbed by the presence of little red bumps, whiteheads or blackheads.

The only way to eliminate them is apparently to extract them. However after all we’ll do more harm than good to our skin. That’s why scratching is not the best trick to get rid of acne.

Excoriated acne this way is generated by itself, some might not be able to stop the picking process further traumatizing the skin tissues. The harm might depend on the condition of the skin. Often this type of acne can be identified by the appearance of scabs, scratches and red bumps.

More some might even produce scars and real severe wounds that leave a definite and visible sign on your complexion. In the case of infection medical care is compulsory, however if it’s in a primary stage it can be healed with a simple skin care product designed for acne treatment.