Our forehead is one of the most prominent spots on our face, unless we mask it with stylish bangs. Often this is not the best method to care for this area, due to the effect of the strands that hit the skin, our complexion might suffer from breakouts and even acne. On the long-term it is highly recommended to take some preventions when it comes to forehead bumps. Undoubtedly, many people struggle with a mixed complexion which needs the treatment of the T-zone for a flawless skin.

As a part of this zone proves to be more prone to become greasy, it is frequently affected by pimples. The pores and especially their clogging is the main culprit for the numerous skin disorders. Either due to external influences or inappropriate nutrition, these might enhance the formation of pimples. However, there’s no reason to despair, instead skim through the following tips on how to treat pimples on forehead.

Usually your hair is brushed so that it covers your forehead? There’s no need to quit sporting your strands like this, it is enough if you tie it up or secure it with a hairpin during the night. Choose the ideal hairstyle both to protect your complexion and your follicles that might deteriorate when left free tossing on the pillow.

This way the skin has time to recover from the constant contact it has with the tresses during the day. In daytime the sebaceous glands in the forehead might product excessive oil.

If not properly eliminated, the oil might lead to clogged skin pores. This is the perfect trick in order to stop the sebum production during the night and keep the area neat.

Exfoliation should be also another crucial step in your skin care. This is the method that guarantees the elimination of dead cells that might stuck into the pores causing breakouts.

Choose the best product for your skin type and make sure it contains salicylic acid. Repeat the ritual at least twice a week in order to maintain the healthy condition of your skin.

The health of your hair has a central importance when you decide to treat forehead acne. The use of wrong hair care products that might either damage and dry out or on the contrary make your strands oily is equally harmful for this spot. Besides using the proper treatment, make sure your hair is clean, this is vital since the strands are in contact with the forehead which might take up all the grease from the tresses which results in pimples.

A healthy skin diet can also do miracles with forehead acne. The proper consumption of minerals and vitamins will increase the resistance of the skin to face the external effects. Start the detox process from the inside with either including nutritive and fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals or by taking different skin supplements.

Keep the area free from makeup – this is one of the hardest measure, however a real favor for the guaranteed success. Using foundation and other elements of the makeup base might clog the pores and generate the appearance of pimples. Every night before going to sleep cleanse the area with either an antibacterial toner or a cleaner for your oily or mixed complexion.