There are endless factors that can ruin our complexion. There are the well-known nutrition problems as well as the inappropriate skin care. However just as harmful can be our nails and hands we use when torturing a whitehead or other skin problems. Besides the infinite bacteria we spread all throughout the surface of the skin, we can also generate a long-term and unfortunately irreversible damage to our organism. There are several methods that can prevent the appearance of these deteriorating agents. However neglecting the golden rules of skin care can sabotage a glowing and flawless complexion.

Popping zits is only one of the many bad beauty habits we have. More, it must be added that it is one of the most severe ones, due to the huge damage it might produce to the pores and skin in general. The annoying sight of pimples might induce us to proceed like this. However if we can;t quit practicing it at least ti is worth finding out the most essential tips to pop pimples properly.

First and foremost it is a rule to torture only those pimples that are visibly white and bumpy. Don’t experiment with those that are only red, you won’t succeed to extract them anyway and you’ll also cause huge damage to your skin and pain to yourself.

The first step is to secure that the condition are hygienic and nothing would further aggravate the situation of your skin. Wash your hands preferably with anti-bacterial soap and also do a quick exfoliation to get rid of dead cells.

Start approaching the pimple with a warm cloth, either dipped into warm water or only heated. This is a key factor when it comes of spotless popping.

This move will both relax and sterilize the area. Keep it on for at least 1-2 minutes, for an immediate and easy-to-handle extraction.

Avoid using needles and other shape tools to get rid of stubborn pimples. instead there’s a time-tested and ancient trick to banish whiteheads. Use paper towel or toilette paper to wrap your fingertips. It is vital to keep your long nails away from whiteheads. Instead use the tips for the perfect extraction. This eases the grip of the zit and also will keep the sterile area neat and spotless from any bacteria.

Use the fingertips to secure the position of the pimple, make sure to cover both sides. Then start pressing the skin so that the content of the pimple eliminated outside rather than inside the pore. It is essential to grab the zit at the perfect spot in order to prevent the residue from it to enter the depth of the skin, that will more than probably cause and infection.

Start squeezing it until it will emanate a transparent liquid or only a drop of blood. There’s no need to eliminate the ‘bad blood’ contrary to the misconceptions. It is enough to do it gently, especially if it comes out pretty hard. Another golden rule is that if the pimple won’t eliminate its content it seems that there’s no rule in continuing the process. Instead wait till tomorrow and try again, don’t torture your skin.

Finally cleanse the affected area with a hydrating and alcohol-based cleanser that would eliminate all the signs of infection. You might encounter that the surface of the pimple is open, don’t cover the area with anything, especially not makeup and not even moisturizer . This would enter to the deepest layers of our complexion and would only produce deterioration. Leave the are free overnight, the swelling and the redness will go away by morning.