Blackheads are the dark colored spots we can see on our skin, which can appear all over the body, and can cause a lot of stress for most people. They create a very unpleasant and unaesthetic look, and they can be pretty difficult to remove.

Blackheads are caused by oils generated naturally by the sebaceous glands which get trapped in the pores. The pores become clogged with the oils and as the sebum begins to oxidize at skin level, it will darken. This is where the blackheads get their name.

When bacteria starts developing it can cause infections and the blackheads start to fester. It is best not to try to extract the blackheads using your fingers because there are a lot of bacteria on our hands which could enter the pores and cause infection.

Here are some healthier ways you can prevent and get rid of blackheads:

Find out your skin type and use the proper facial products because if you already have an oily complexion you’d want to avoid applying oil based products to your skin, which would only cause your skin to be more oily. Excess oils is the main cause of blackheads so be careful what you use.

Wash your face on a daily basis, once in the morning and once in the evening with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser to remove the buildup of sebum. Once a week use a mild face scrub to remove all the dead skin cells off which can also cause breakouts.

Use a blackhead extractor which is a utensil similar to a pencil with the end shaped as a hoop. This will help the extraction of the blackheads easier without causing any damage to the skin and without getting bacteria on the face from our hands.

Steam facial baths will help open he pores to make the extraction process easier. The warmth of the steam will open up the pores and allow you to clean the skin better and extract the blackheads easier.

Using salicylic acid based products on a regular basis can help clear the skin from blackheads and breakouts. They will remove the dead skin cells and open the pores in order to facilitate the cleansing process.

Blackhead pore strips are a great way to remove blackheads. It is best to make sure you open up the pores before you apply the strips to allow an easier extraction. The strips will stick to the end of the blackheads and as the strip is removed the blackheads will be extracted. It is a non painful procedure but it doesn’t remove all blackheads.

One of the most effective ways to remove blackheads is to turn to the help of a cosmetologist. They are well trained professionals which know how to deal with these problems without damaging the skin. Find a good cosmetologist and your face will look unbelievable after the treatments.

Get rid of those unaesthetic blackheads and prevent them from forming by taking good acre of your skin.