A flawless makeup starts with a perfect skin. If you learn how to properly clean your pores and take care of your skin, you can get rid of all the impurities that wreak havoc on your skin. Clogged pores are generally caused by dirt, makeup residues, dead skin cells and excess oil left on the skin’s surface. When all these things lodge between the layers of your skin, your pores get clogged, thus preventing your skin cells from functioning properly. The result is frustrating acne problems, blackheads and inflammations.

If you have large pores, you physically cannot change their size, since they are genetically determined, but you can definitely keep them clean, in order to avoid nasty breakouts and other embarrassing skin imperfections. Check out the following smart tips and clean our pores regularly to preserve a beautiful, glowing skin.

Clean Your Face Removing all the makeup before going to bed is a very important step towards having a clean, radiant face. Make sure that you wipe off all the makeup from your face before going to sleep. For this reason use gentle makeup removers and cotton pads. Regular cleansing can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. Develop a skin care routine and wash your face at least two times a day with lukewarm water and mild soap.

After you removed all the makeup and washed your face properly, use an oil-free cleanser, which contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a highly effective ingredient in the fight against acne. It penetrates deep into your skin and cleans it from the inside, tightening your pores and making your skin healthier. Shop for a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. Cleanser is a great skin care product that removes makeup residues, impurities, excess sebum and other particles that are responsible for clogged pores.

Facial toners are also great choices for cleaning and purifying your pores. Toners should be used on a daily basis, applied with a cotton ball.

Exfoliation is one of the most important steps for having clean pores and a flawless skin. Exfoliate your skin with a fruit-based facial scrub, which should be used once or twice per week. Harsh exfoliators only cause skin irritations, therefore it is better to choose a gentle scrub that won’t dry out your skin. Exfoliation helps you scrub off the dead skin cells and bacteria from the surface of your skin, which otherwise can result in clogged pores and acne problems. After using the scrub, you will immediately notice that your skin has become softer, smoother and cleaner.

Apply a deep-cleaning facial mask, which is specially developed to clean clogged pores and use it once a week. You can opt for peel-off masks or those that you have to rinse off, since both of these products work really well on your skin, making it clean and healthier.

Use makeup with care. Avoid applying a thick layer of product, making sure that you only use an amount that is necessary and blend it well into your skin, cleaning off all the excess from your skin. A thick coat of foundation settles into your pores and clogs them. Clogged pores seem visually larger and give the impression of an untidy skin.

Follow the above tips and pay attention to keep your skin clean in order to have a perfect, healthy and radiant skin all the time.