With the help of a few good skincare and gym tips, you can prevent post-workout breakouts. Whether the problem area is your face or you’re dealing with workout related acne in other places on your body, the basics are the same.

Find out how to prevent exercise breakouts and make sure that you’re getting the exercise you want, but your skin won’t suffer for it. Take a look at the best tips that help you forget about breakouts that happen after you sweat while exercising.

Skip the Makeup

When you’re exercising, your face should not be covered by makeup, because that’s one of the main causes of post-workout breakouts. If you want some touch-ups without having makeup clog your pores, opt for a little loose mineral powder, since it’s the best non-comedogenic option. Anything else can contribute to acne and breakouts.

Cleanse Your Face Carefully Afterwards

Scrubbing your skin is a really bad idea about an intense workout, but you do need to clean it. Prevent exercise breakouts by using a gentle cleanser and being gentle to your skin. Dry it by blotting with a soft towel. When you’re taking a shower, always remember to wash your face last, after you’ve rinsed any shampoo or conditioner from your hair.

Fight Friction

Acne-prone skin needs to be protected from friction while you’re working out. Make sure that your equipment fits well in order to avoid post-workout breakouts. A layer of cotton between your skin and workout clothes can also help sometimes, and if you keep in shape by jogging, make sure you’re wearing clean caps and hats to avoid post-workout breakouts.

Exercise Without Breaking Out

Let Salicylic Acid Protect Your Skin

It’s not just a great skin care ingredient for acne-prone skin. Salicylic acid can help clean your pores even when the only breakouts you experience are related to exercising. You’ll need to use a good salicylic acid toner or even face wipes, right after you’re done at the gym. Prevent exercise breakouts by adding this step in your exercise routine.

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Wipe Your Sweat the Right Way

Even if you avoid friction when it comes to your gear, you might be causing workout related acne with a simple bad habit. The best way to wipe your sweat off is not to wipe it at all. Instead, use a clean towel to blot your skin. This will keep your skin protected from friction and reduce the risk of post-workout breakouts.

Choose the Right Workout Clothes

When you’re trying to prevent exercise breakouts that don’t affect your face, your workout clothes are even more important. Keep problem area uncovered when possible and avoid anything tight. Your choice of fabric should be made based on how much you sweat. Many find natural fabrics like cotton the best choice. However, if you sweat profusely, you’ll need synthetic moisture-wicking fabrics.

Stop Touching Your Face

If workout related acne affect your face and makeup isn’t an issue, you might simply need to keep your hands away from your face. Only your clean towel should come in direct contact with your skin. Touching your face after you’ve handled gym equipment that’s covered in bacteria is never a good idea.

Make Exfoliation a Priority

Even if you have sensitive skin, exfoliation is important. Use AHA or BHA exfoliants to avoid scrubbing, and make sure that you’re not hitting the gym with dead skin cells clogging your pores. If you want to prevent exercise breakouts, but most exfoliants are too harsh for your skin, try a gentle one that uses fruit enzymes.

Working Out Without Breaking Out

Secure Your Hair

Keeping your hair away from your face is very important, particularly when you use plenty of products regularly. You don’t want that residue on your skin when you’re sweating, because it can also lead to workout related acne. Use a clean headband to secure your hair or keep it in a loose bun until you’re done exercising.

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Keep Your Accessories Clean

While you should always use a clean towel when you hit the gym, one of the best ways to prevent exercise breakouts is to make sure everything is clean, from yoga mats to knee pads. Investing in multiple sets of accessories so you always use clean ones is a good way to prevent post-workout breakouts.