nullWinter is not exactly dry skin’s best friend, so you should know how to treat dry skin when the time comes. Following our beauty tips, you’ll know exactly how to handle dry skin on face.

How to Handle Dry Skin Face: 5 Beauty Tips

Treating Dry Skin on Face: Deep Moisturizing

Our first beauty tip when it comes to treating dry skin on face is hydration. We recommend using deep moisturizing creams twice a day, in the morning and evening, to keep your skin face hydrated. Because there are lots of creams available on the market, light or greasy in texture, we suggest asking for samples before buying a particular product. So, you’ll know what cream fits best your requirements regarding how to treat very dry skin.

We tried out and loved: Lancaster Revolcanic Deep Moisturizing Cream ($60) and Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Moisturizing Night Cream by Neutrogena ($20).

Winter Skin Care For Dry Skin

How to Treat Very Dry Skin: Take Shorter Showers and Baths

Another great tip in treating really dry skin is reducing the amount of time spent taking a shower or bath. A greater exposure to hot water will make your skin become drier than expected because you’ll remove your skin’s natural oils. This is a great tip in treating dry skin on face!

How to Avoid Dry Skin: Apply Some Sunscreen

If you want to avoid dry skin on face, we recommend buying a good sunscreen that will protect your face from UV rays. Snow usually reflects sun rays, which will eventually harm your face if you’re not adequately treating dry skin on face. The best would be to buy facial creams that have SPF incorporated. This way, you’ll get to both hydrate and protect your really dry skin.

You’ll not go wrong if you choose Bliss Fabulous Face Lotion with SPF 15 ($36) or Clinique Face/ Body Cream SPF 15 UVA / UVB ($29).

Bliss Fabulous Face Lotion With Spf 15Clinique Face  Body Cream Spf 15 Uva Uvb

Dry Skin on Face Remedy: Use a Mild Cleanser

Here’s how to treat dry skin! Start using a mild cleanser instead of a clay based one during winter months. You’ll want to keep your dry skin hydrated, so we suggest reorienting towards mild cleansing milk or foaming cleansers that will help soaking moisture in.

We enjoyed very much Shiseido Revital Treatment Cleansing Milk ($37) and Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk ($30).

Shiseido Revital Treatment Cleansing MilkWeleda Gentle Cleansing Milk

Great Tip for Really Dry Skin: Buy a Humidifier

If you want to prevent dry skin on face in winter, we suggest buying some humidifiers that will evenly disperse the moisture in the air. This way, you’ll have big chances to avoid dry skin.

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