How to get rid of bacne

Back acne, or bacne is a skin condition similar to face acne but harder to treat.

Bacne can affect both man and women but it seems to be more common on men. The exact cause of bacne is unknown but it seems to be linked to our sebaceous glands.

The sebaceous glands found on the human back are larger and produce a higher amount of sebum or oil than the sebaceous glands found on the face.

The overproduction of skin cells produces pore blockage and the oil gets trapped in the pores causing a perfect habitat for bacteria. Since the skin found on the back area is thicker and more oily it is prone to much severe acne then the face, making the treatment harder and less effective.

Like on facial acne there are several degrees of acne from light to severe cases. The mild cases of back acne can be treated easily but the severe cases of back acne which include nodules and cysts need special dermatological treatment.

In order to keep back acne from developing or get rid of bacne, you need to take proper care and pay more attention to your back.

– Wash your back regularly to remove sebum using a loofah sponge and anti-bacterial cleanser.– Apply a spot treatment on your back or a benzoyl peroxide cream. Try to use back treatments that have salicylic acid because it works as an exfoliant helping to keep the pores clear.– Engage in a healthy diet plan.– For more severe acne consult a physician because you might need some medicine prescriptions.– Wear cotton clothing or materials that don’t irritate the skin. Cotton enables the skin to breath and absorbs sweat making your skin less likely to irritate.

To get rid of bacne stay in the sun once in a while. Use sunscreen, water your back with salty water and let your back sun-dry for about 15 minutes then apply some more salty water. Do this for about 3 or 4 times a week – the combination of salty water and sun will cause your bacne to dry.