If you’re dealing with acne or with any inflammation, you should quickly adapt your diet to make sure you’ll increase your chances of getting your clear complexion back. If you’re overindulging in any of the foods that cause acne and inflammation, you might be making the situation worse for your health and for the look of your skin.

Find out which foods to eat less or which foods to completely eliminate from your diet if you’re ready to fight breakouts and improve your skin.


Foods with a high content of sugar quickly raise your blood sugar levels, messing with your energy levels, but also with your skin. From desserts to sodas, the higher the sugar intake, the more likely you are to experience inflammation and acne. Do your skin a favor and restrict sugar in your diet. You’ll notice the beneficial effects in your energy levels as well.

Sugar Causes Acne

Trans Fats

Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils are harder to digest that fats you find naturally. Margarine is one of the worst foods that cause inflammation and acne, and cooking oils high in trans fats are just as bad for you. Because the human body takes longer to digest the bad fats, inflammation occurs and skin problems will get worse.

White Bread

Even if you don’t suffer from any form of gluten intolerance, white bread and pasta is still bad for you, one of the top foods that cause inflammation and acne. Refined grains are quickly digested and break down into sugar. Replace them with whole grains for more nutritional value and less trouble with your skin, and choose brown rice instead of white.


Eating too much dairy, whether it’s cheese or milk, can easily lead to inflammation since most people suffer some trouble when digesting full-fat milk. If you want to avoid or minimize the impact of breakouts, try cutting back on the dairy, or at least on the fat level of milk, which should be under 2% for a smaller risk of acne and inflammation.

Dairy Cause Cause Acne


Another danger to your body that can quickly create or aggravate skin conditions and inflammation, alcohol is digested into sugar and the result is just as bad for complexion. In small amounts it can be beneficial, but if you overdo it, you’re more likely to suffer inflammation. Go for virgin cocktails for a while to increase your chances of clearing your skin.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Most vegetable oils are high in omega-6 fatty acids and if you get more of them than omega-3s, your body can suffer inflammation. Increasing your intake of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids is another way of fixing this problem, by eating more fatty fish. When it comes to omega-6, the foods that cause inflammation and acne include corn oil, soybean and canola oil.


Monosodium glutamate is one of the ingredients that you should be wary of, especially in fast food. It can have an inflammatory effect and can also affect your skin. Avoid this flavor enhancer and you’re less likely to have a reaction to it. It was once linked to asthma, so you’re better off if you reduce your intake of MSG.

Fast Foods Cause Acne

Deep Fried Foods

While usually rich in trans fat, foods that cause inflammation and acne, deep fried food is also bad for you because of the high temperatures that tend to lead to oils breaking down. When it comes to both your skin and your overall health, avoiding deep fried foods is good for you. Pan seared foods are less dangerous, but giving up any fried foods might help your complexion.

Processed Meats

High in omega-6 fats, feedlot-raised meat also contains antibiotics and artificial hormones. If you add the nitrites and nitrates of processed meat to that, you’re risking an inflammatory reaction that could also affect your skin. The easiest way to avoid the danger is to go for wild-caught fish.

Additives and Preservatives

From artificial flavors to synthetic sweeteners, most additives and preservatives are part of the foods that cause inflammation and acne. Food coloring and stabilizers are just as bad and when your intake is high, the effects will show on your skin. Reduce your risk of acne by eating fresh and less processed food.

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