Many people struggle with skin problems, it can be really annoying and unaesthetic. However it is easier to prevent their appearance than fight them. There is no guaranteed remedy for acne, but you can still follow some guidelines of a tested acne diet to ease your job when dealing with bad skin.

Our eating habits especially when bad, can influence the condition of our skin. Especially when it comes to acne, you should avoid consuming foods with saturated fat. These will only make your skin look oily.

Forbidden foods would be chips, frozen meals, cake mixes and crackers.

You can still get the necessary vitamins and fat from more healthy ingredients as fish – which is great to have for Omega 3,6,9, this will reduce any inflammation of your skin.

Introduce tuna, cod or any kind of fish into your diet – these will provide you with enough vitamins. Specialists advise you to have 2 servings of fish per week.

Too much sugar, certain treats and baked goods can worsen your skin’s situation. It is well-known fact that these sweets can generate break outs. It is also useful if you keep a little journal and test your skin. You can write down the sweets you consume to know whether it has a bad influence on your skin.

Eating foods that contain a high amount of zinc and vitamin A are demonstrated to help the reduction of acne breakouts. Fruits and vegetables that are included in this category are: avocado, grapefruit, watermelon, oranges, carrots, spinach, broccoli and pumpkin.

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient, however if you want a natural remedy don’t take supplements. Instead, eat foods that contain beta carotene which your body will turn into vitamin A.

Vitamin E is also necessary for a healthy skin and strong immune system. As a natural antioxidant it will prevent inflammations and break outs.

Include into your diet vegetable oils and raw broccoli – these are main sources of this nutrient. Eating nuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, is also good, even if these are a little high in fat. As rich zinc and vitamin E providers, these seeds will keep your skin supple.

B-2 vitamin plays an important role in acne prevention. Stress can be a generating factor of skin problems. That’s why it is necessary to sedate our nervous system with this vitamin.

The consumption of foods rich in B-2 will help our skin in being more resistant and healthy. Recommended foods would be: milk, eggs, green vegetables and whole grains.