Using the right dry elbow remedies is very important for preventing your skin to get rough or even dark in the elbow area. Find out how to get rid of rough elbows with a few simple solutions that banish dry elbows for good when used regularly.

When the skin is deprived of the much needed moisture, rough elbows become a problem that can’t be fixed by just using the right moisturized regularly. Learn how to care for your skin and forget about dry elbows with the proper skin care regimen.

Exfoliation for Dry Elbows

The first step in getting rid of rough elbows is exfoliation. Use a clean loofah with soap and water every time you shower and rub your elbows thoroughly but without applying too much pressure.

You can remove the dead skin cells even better with a body scrub. Mix a good exfoliating agent like brown sugar, sea salt, coffee grounds or baking soda with olive oil, honey or melted cocoa butter and gently scrub your elbows regularly.

Dry Elbow Remedies and Treatments

Moisturizing for Rough Elbows

Getting rid of dry elbows starts with exfoliation and continues with a proper moisturizer. You can use special creams for dry skin areas, but make sure you only choose products that do not contain any alcohol. The simplest and cheapest way is to heat up petroleum jelly until it’s liquefied.

Make sure it’s not too hot, then slather the petroleum jelly on your elbows and keep it for either a few minutes or even overnight for really dry elbows.

Dry elbow remedies that work fast also include aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil. Both can be applied in small quantities on your rough elbows to moisturize them the right way.

Home Remedies for Dry Elbows

Remedies for the rough skin on the elbows work best when you also try to protect them. Avoid leaning on them on work surfaces for extended periods of time. Keeping elbows covered and moisturized is the easiest way to fix dry elbows for good.

When the problem isn’t getting fixed as fast as you’d like, use a more aggressive means of treatment. Exfoliate a few times a week and keep the petroleum jelly on your elbows through the night. Sounds messy, but you can use tube socks with the fingers cut out to protect your petroleum jelly covered elbows during the night.

For dark elbows and knees, you can also use a natural home remedy to lighten the skin. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze out the juice and remove the seeds before resting your dry elbows inside each half on a hard surface for 15 to 30 minutes.

Dry Elbow Remedies and Treatments