Acne seems to haunt people at least at one time throughout our life. It might seem as an inevitable phenomenon, and only the degree of damage differs from one person to another. Commercials and even some dermatologists seem to find pleasure in promoting the use of birth control pills as the ultimate remedy for treating severe acne. However it must be mentioned that the media has a huge manipulative effect. That’s why to make sure that this method is the ideal one for you contact your doctor for further information.

There are some basic facts that can be clarified when talking about birth control pills. These have indeed the ability to control the fluctuating and ever changing hormone level. The teenage years bring several changes in our body. Throughout puberty the male hormones in our body, also called androgens can boost the oil production.

This can lead to a greasy skin and increased proneness to skin disorders. Acne forms due to these factors. That’s why it is proved that these pills are able to reduce the excess of these hormones, decreasing the chance for breakouts.

However it must be also added that each organism has different reaction to the use of birth control pills. There were cases when the patients experienced the spreading of acne rather than their disappearance.

Besides these side effects, this medication can also generate more severe illnesses. The best way to avoid any catastrophe is to ask the help of professionals who are concerned with the effect of pills on acne.

Another theory claims that indeed birth control pills can act as healing agents on acne, however it must be strictly hormone-related. Deciding whether it is the best ally in the battle against acne is also controversial.

Scientists affirm that it is highly unrecommended to use these pills only to have a perfect complexion.Instead if the person really necessitates birth control, with the use of medication, she might experience the healing of blemishes and the amelioration of break-outs. Opt for this method only if it’s really vital.

Oral contraceptives are often used in combination with other medical treatments for acne as topical retinoids or benzoyl peroxide. Changing the hormonal system of women, these can often have visible results in acne treatment. These necessitate at least 2-3 month until you see a visible change.

Indeed adult acne seems to offer the most chances to test these treatments. However alternative and even homemade cures are proved to offer more beneficial results and success than the medical one.

The conclusion is that birth control pills seem to have effect only on hormone related acne. In order to identify the nature of your skin disorder, you’ll need professional help. Don’t let yourself deceived by rumors and others. The best way to prevent disasters is to engage into a thorough analysis done by a doctor or a dermatologist.

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