An eye-popping zit might ruin your appearance especially as it might pop up before a special event as a date or a wedding. Those who are eager to get rid of it rather than mask it with makeup will need some emergency tricks to succeed. The world of cosmetics offers endless options to handle this problem, however some might not have the desired result. The best overnight treatments for pimples line up a parade of green tricks that do not have a harsh effect on your complexion and can spare you from the unpleasant experience of feeling embarrassed about the condition of your skin. Opt for these DIY treatments that help you pierce a few eco-friendly rituals into your skin care routine. These are some of the remedies to experiment with developed by cosmeticians fond of homemade skin care treatments.

Lemon Juice

It might seem that it is a pretty harsh ingredient thanks to its high acid content. However, it seems that using lemon juice to treat pimples, you’ll appeal to the magical effect of citric acid which has the perfect anti-bacterial effect to reduce swelling and redness and can also help you handle the problem overnight. Extract the juice of a lemon then dip a cotton swab in it. Apply the juice to the pimples and make sure you repeat the ritual a few times during the night or afternoon. This is indeed one of the quick pimple treatments that will help you keep chemicals at a moderate distance.


It might not be a purely green method, however, it can help you solve your skin dilemma. The beta hydroxy acid can do miracles with the inflammation and redness produced by a pimple. Grind the aspirin, then mix it with a few drops of water until you get a fine paste. Get rid of the most stubborn zits by applying the paste to the surface of the skin.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial quality it will definitely unclog the pores and help the skin to eliminate all the harmful substances. Leave the Aspirin on for at least 15 minutes, then rinse it off with pure water. Repeat the ritual if the results are not that satisfactory.

Apricot Juice

Natural fruit juices are some of the most powerful anti-oxidants used in natural skin care. In order to get rid of an ugly zit make sure you extract the juice of a medium sized apricot. Dip a cotton swab into the lotion then apply it to the cleansed surface of the skin. This quick pimple fix will also spare you from the pain as well as the redness joined by inflammation. Moreover, it can also rule out the chance of the formation of acne scars after the zit is gone.

Honey and Cinnamon

In order to make sure your pimple is gone by morning, make sure you experiment with this soothing treatment. The recipe includes 1 tsp of honey mixed with ½ tsp of cinnamon. Mix the ingredients in a medium sized bowl and make sure you apply it to the delicate and affected areas.

In order to secure the best conditions for the success of the treatment make sure you cover the pimple and the applied mixture with a band aid. Leave on the honey and cinnamon mixture overnight, as 8 hours are the minimum period for the treatment to exercise its beneficial and miraculous effect. In the morning you can rinse it off with tepid water.

Best Overnight Treatments for Pimples

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