Getting rid of beauty marks or beauty spots involves different methods based on the texture and size of the mole, from home remedies to special dermatological treatments. Find out what most of them entail and what celebrities used their beauty marks to achieve iconic looks.

Usually singular black or brown moles, beauty marks have earned their name since they’re considered physically attractive by many. Beauty mark removal depends on the size and texture of each mole, with the flat ones that look like large freckles being easier to get rid of.

Beauty Mark Removal Solutions

Some beauty spots respond to bleaching creams or chemical peels, with laser treatments as another option to lighten dark sports or remove them completely.

Laser treatment and surgical options for beauty mark removal include cauterization, cutting or shaving. In some cases, mole removal leaves a scar and sometimes beauty spots grow back in the same spot and need further treatment to be completely removed.

If you choose to get rid of beauty spots with a laser procedure, you’ll probably need to apply topical treatments for side effects and you should avoid sun exposure.

Bleaching creams for home use are probably the least effective option for beauty mark removal since they don’t work particularly well for large beauty spots and applying them to small beauty marks without spreading them on the surrounding skin can be difficult.

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What Causes Beauty Marks

Most beauty spots are birthmarks, but some can form over time by the accumulation of pigment under the skin, sometimes as part of acne scars.

Some beauty marks can appear over time on sun damaged skin and freckles can sometimes turn into beauty spots without posing any threat to your health. Regardless, when a mole or freckle changes its size or color, it’s important to see your dermatologist to ensure you’re not dealing with a precancerous cell formation.

Celebrities with Beauty Marks

Beauty spots turned into a fashion in the last century based on Marilyn Monroe’s sex appeal. Madonna and Cindy Crawford have also sported similar beauty marks on their upper lip while Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Elizabeth Taylor have beauty spots on their cheeks.

Some celebs, like Dita Von Teese, used artificial beauty marks to get an iconic look, while others, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna and Cindy Crawford, have opted to remove their beauty marks, giving up the iconic look.

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