Fighting against the most severe skin problems can be pretty backbreaking, especially if you don’t have the secret weapons to defeat your enemies. Fortunately, the most skilled skin specialists came up with a complete list of inexpensive and efficient methods on how to prevent the appearance of zits. Moreover, you can use these soothing remedies also to get rid of pimples that ruin your flawless appearance. In order to guarantee the success of your complexion spa, it is essential to use only fresh and natural ingredients. Read through the following presentation of at home acne treatment ideas to see whether you have discovered the most simple and beneficial solutions to all your skin dilemmas.

Mint Wash

Use peppermint oil to create a fabulous wash for your damaged skin condition. Grab a medium bowl and mix ½ cup cool water with 1 tsp peppermint oil. Afterwards, add a few mint leaves to make the fusion even more soothing and healing. Cleanse your complexion, then dip a cotton ball into the lotion and apply it to the affected spots. Make sure you wipe your pimples with this mint wash, rather than rub it. Rubbing can do more harm than good to your sensitive skin.

Bean Tea

The name of this remedy might sound pretty strange, but in spite of this, you can create a soothing bean tea without any difficulties. All you have to do is take a medium bowl and boil a package of green beans. Leave it for 10 minutes and add some extra chamomile to it. Let the beans steep until the mixture cools. Put the lotion into a bottle and use it to wash your complexion with it at least three times per week. Use this revolutionary remedy to cure your skin from severe zits.

Olive Oil and Sugar

Use a soothing at home acne remedy to save time and money. In order to create this super-simple zit treatment mix 2 tsp of sugar with 4 drops of olive oil and a little water. Make sure you achieve the desired texture to be able to apply the mixture on your pimples. Thanks to the antibacterial quality of sugar, you’ll have the chance to get rid of zits after a few sessions. Use this healthy facial also to make blemishes disappear and restore the spotless condition of your complexion.

Rose Petals

Roses are not only lovely flowers but also some of the most efficient remedies against acne. Stop the severe acne breakouts by using this useful and simple home pimple treatment. Create a fine paste by crushing 6 rose petals. In order to achieve the ideal texture mix the paste with 1 tbs of honey, 1 tbs of natural yogurt and 2 tbs of rosewater. Mix all the ingredients and use a cotton swab to apply it on your complexion. Tackle the affected sections and make sure you leave on the facial for at least 15 minutes to have the desired results. Finally, wash the paste off with tepid water. Include this beauty ritual in your weekly skin care routine to make sure you have the best protection against pimples.

Fruit Paste

The miraculous combination of berries and citrus fruits can provide you with the secret remedy against acne breakouts. Create the perfect mixture to get rid of inflammation and the painful sensation given by whiteheads and severe zits. The first step towards creating the most soothing treatment for your complexion is to grab a bowl and mash one strawberry. Then add 1 tsp of lemon juice and half a tbs of honey. Mix all the crucial ingredients to get a fine paste you can easily apply on your skin. Use a cotton swab to place the facial on your pimples and on the affected areas and leave it on for 15 minutes. Finish up your skin spa by rinsing off the treatment with tepid water.

At Home Acne Treatment Ideas

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