It seems the days when only teenagers had to battle acne are gone as more and more women over the age of 25 are facing these dreadful red spots. Adult acne seems to be another issue women have to battle and getting rid of adult acne is not that easy. Dermatologists reveal that this form of acne is different than the one teenagers suffer from, being more difficult to treat as the pimples are formed much deeper under the skin and have a predominantly cystic form.

The reason behind adult acne seems to be stress and since more and more women are facing a very active lifestyle and are much more exposed to stress, the painful skin condition is on the rise. Apparently, women are more predisposed to developing adult acne than men, due to the sensitivity of their skin under the action of male hormones which are triggered by the adrenal glands during stress. These hormones trigger a higher quantity of sebum to be produced by the sebaceous glands, which causes the pores to block and develop outbreaks.

Consultant dermatologist Dr. Susannah Baron of Kent and Canterbury Hospital and the Chaucer of BMI Hospital revealed that there has been a significant increase in women who are battling adult acne over the past 20 years. Dr. Baron also says that:

“It’s time to re-evaluate who we think gets acne. It’s not recognized enough how much it affects the lives of adult women. For many, it kicks in in later life when they have to juggle families and careers at the same time. Many of the female patients I see also have stressful jobs and a lot to deal with. Interestingly, many of them did not have significant acne as teenagers.”

Recent studied show that smoking can also aid the production of sebum, thus contributing to acne breakouts in addition to being blamed for depleting the skin from an essential vitamin in skin repair, vitamin E. Try to banish stress out of you life and turn your attention towards proper skin care and high quality products, so you can maintain your complexion looking flawless.

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