Natural astringents have a lot of antibacterial and antifungal properties what will help reduce irritation and breakouts, restore pH balance and make your skin look smoother. Here are some of the best!

Natural Astringent: Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is an excellent natural astringent. It’s very rich in tannins which cause the slight contraction of skin cells once they come in contact with it. What does this mean exactly? It means that a regular usage of this natural astringent will make your skin smoother, will tighten the pores, reduce breakouts and will help remove dead skin cells.

Natural Pore Minimizer

Homemade Astringent: Rose Water

For this homemade astringent you’ll need a cup of fresh rose petals and distilled water. Start by heating the water until it reaches the boiling point and then slowly pour it over the rose petals. Let this mixture sit for about 30 minutes and filter the petals. Apply this natural remedy on a cotton pad and start tapping your face. After 5 minutes, rinse with warm water. In the end, add the rest of your homemade astringent to a bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

Natural Pore Minimizer: Cucumber

Do you want to try out a great natural pore minimizer? Then what about trying cucumber? This natural astringent proved to be very effective when fighting dark circles and puffy eyes. Moreover, feel free to use it if you want to cleanse and minimize the pores, soothe dry skin, relieve rashes and reduce wrinkles. Apply it directly on your skin or drink a delicious nutritive cucumber smoothie; either way, you’ll benefit from it!

Pore Minimizer Home Remedy: Apple Cider Vinegar

Here’s another amazing pore minimizer home remedy. Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar with water and use this solution to rinse your complexion every morning and evening. Use this natural astringent if you want to cleanse your face, regulate your skin’s pH balance, reduce acne symptoms and fight bacteria.

Lemon Water For Face

Natural Astringents: Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the best natural astringents out there. For this remedy you’ll need the following: a lemon and two tablespoons of water. Mix the freshly squeezed lemon juice with water. Then take a cotton ball and apply this pore minimizer home remedy on your complexion and let it sit for about 30 minutes. In the end, rinse your face with cold water. This way, you’ll restore your skin’s natural glow and you’ll reduce breakouts. (source)

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