Whether you’re taking them for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, great selfies aren’t easy to pull off. There are plenty of things you have to consider when taking a selfie and putting it up on social media or using it as a profile pic.

In order to up your selfie game, take a look at a few selfie tricks you can learn from cats. They’re not just adorable, they can also show you what to do and what not to do when you’re trying to snap a selfie that will get all the likes.

1. Choose the Right Background

The last thing you want from a selfie is to be a great picture of you that’s ruined by some nasty detail in the background. Always check the background and make sure that there’s nothing that can reflect poorly on you. 

1. Choose The Right Backgroundsource

Finding the perfect selfie spot isn’t easy, so when you’re in a beautiful location, don’t hesitate to snap a few.

2. Check the Light

2. Check The Lightsource

Natural lighting is always better than taking artificial, and nothing is worse than a selfie taken with a built-in flash. Make sure that the light works on your favor. When you’re taking indoor selfies, get close to a window. One of the selfie tricks you can learn from cats is to also pay attention to shadows outdoors. They might ruin an otherwise perfect selfie.

3. Capture Your Good Side

3. Capture Your Good Sidesource

You know your good side, so stick to it. Since you’re in charge of the composition, always make sure that you’re choosing a flattering angle. Usually raising your chin works to create a better selfie. If you’re going for a wider shot that includes your shoulders, try turning one of them towards the camera a bit. It adds a more dynamic quality to the selfie.

4. Always Snap from Above

4. Always Snap From Abovesource

One of the best selfie tricks you can learn from cats is always raising your phone or camera slightly above your head. Selfies shot from above aren’t just more flattering, they also allow you to show off more of your outfit. Just don’t go too crazy with the selfie stick, you don’t want it to look like a security camera shot.

5. Make It Fun

5. Make It Funsource

Trying to be too serious can often ruin an otherwise flattering selfie. Instead, add a bit of fun to it. Don’t try to hard to look cool in your selfies, because that rarely comes across as cool. Making your selfie look like an impromptu moment is the key to creating a memorable one. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, at least try smizing a bit. If you’re not even smiling with your eyes, the selfie won’t really grab people’s attention for the right reasons.

6. Tilt Your Head

6. Tilt Your Headsource

If your head is tilted at an angle, you’ll not only get to highlight your cheekbones, you’re also more likely to look adorable. That’s one of the most important selfie tricks you can learn from cats. A slightly titled head also makes your selfie look more dynamic and interesting.

7. Lose the Duck Face

7. Lose The Duck Facesource

There’s no reason to highlight your pout, and you’ll definitely get more bad feedback than good for a duck face selfie, no matter how ironic it might be. If you want your cheekbones to stand out and your lips to look great, use a good highlighter or illuminizing powder on your cheeks and pick a bolder lipstick.

8. Look at the Camera, Not the Screen

8. Look At The Camera  Not The Screensource

One of the most important selfie tricks you can learn from cats is to keep your eyes on the camera. That’s how you get a good selfie. By looking at the screen when you snap it, it usually seems like you’re looking down. Make direct eye contact and forget about the screen after you find the right position.

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9. Be Interesting

9. Be Interestingsource

Before taking your next selfie, consider if it’s actually bringing anything new to the table. If you’re just standing and sitting down doing nothing, why is this selfie worth the trouble? Find something creative or exciting to portray in the selfie before worrying how perfect you look in it. Even if your makeup and hair are flawless, a lifeless selfie won’t impress.

10. Stay Still

10. Stay Stillsource

Even if your smartphone has the best image stabilization software, you should always try to stay still. It’s one of the selfie tricks you can learn from cats, since their gorgeous fur comes across the right way when the image is perfectly clear.