Spring 2011 Runway Hair Accessories

Runway hairstyles are one of the top sources of inspiration when a style change is desired. Many times, although the hairstyles presented on the runways are not very different from the ones we might choose on a daily basis, a fresh new approach or simply a change in a few minor aspects are enough to make us adopt a fresh new hairstyle. Hair accessories often play an important role in the way a hairstyle is being perceived so taking a closer look at the… Read More

Chie Mihara Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Shoes

Chie Mihara is one of the most talented and appreciated accessory designers. Learning the art of designing in Japan than moving to New York she had the chance to draw the inspiration from the various traditions and cultural events. This is indeed what mirrors her use of decorations as well as tailoring designs. However the famous designer claims that her chief purpose is to grant us with, unique, chic and above all comfortable shoes. The Chie Mihara Fall/Winter 2010-2011 shoe collection relies on the practical… Read More

Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Color Trends

Color plays a very important role in our lives, as without color everything would loose its beauty. It seems that color can have an influence over our state of mind, being able to create different states of being, from happy to sad; the reason why chromotherapy or color therapy is used in psychology to treat different psychological problems. Color doesn’t play an essential role in this field only, it plays an equally important role when it comes to physical appearance as color can emphasize… Read More

Spring/Summer 2011 Lace Fashion Trends

Experimenting with the upcoming fashion trends can be really thrilling and also challenging, however fortunately some of the time-tested tendencies are repeatedly re-invented and enriched with additional designs and design inventions. Those who are fond of the sensuous and dainty textures should try their hand at the Spring/Summer 2011 lace fashion trend which lines up a fabulous array of cocktail, red carpet as well as breezy casual chic outfits that would no doubt pamper your beauty sense. Wear the stylish dresses as well as skirts… Read More

Spring/Summer 2011 Casual-Chic Fashion Trends

Fashion trends change from season to season and one of the most popular fashion styles which should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe is the casual style. Dressing casually doesn’t mean dressing without a style or adopting a boring look, the new casual fashion designs can make you look amazingly stylish and comfortable at the same time. The spring/summer 2011 casual-chic fashion trends are absolutely worth checking out as the new fashion designs created by some of the world’s most talented fashion designers are amazing. Fashion… Read More

Basic Fashion Glossary

Lost! Well, this is how the crazy fashion world sometimes makes use feel. Among so many trends, colors, styles, or shapes it is so hard to find the right direction. Empire, liberty, auburn, there are terms that are completely staggering. In order to solve this problem, we made this basic fashion glossary. A-line: it is a dress or skirt that is formed into the shape of the letter “A”, narrow at the top, flaring gently wider at the bottom. It is comfortable and it… Read More

One Shoulder Dresses for Spring 2011

Choosing the right type of dress is a must when it comes to any formal or casual occasion as there are a variety of dresses designs to choose from. This diversity is due to the fact that women have different body types and that fashion trends change from season to season, so one can choose a trendy and stylish dress which will best enhance your body type. One of the new comeback trends when it comes to dresses is the one shoulder trend, and… Read More

Botox Injections Pros and Cons

If we were to guess which beauty treatment has known an overwhelming increase in the past few years becoming a million dollar industry in itself, our thoughts would undoubtedly go towards botox injections. Aesthetic plastic surgery has become a great option for those who aspire to get eternal youth and want to correct some of the features that make them self conscious. As baffling as it mights seem thousands of people will gladly pay to get injected with a toxin that can paralyze the… Read More

Heidi Klum’s Diet and Workout

Heidi Klum managed to achieve worldwide success both thanks to her charisma as well as spotless silhouette. Becoming one of the Victoria’s Secret angels got her into the spotlight therefore it became more important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and show a fabulous examples for those who wished to follow her footsteps. Besides embracing a balanced nutritive plan she also encourages us to book for regular exercise sessions that combine various elements from some of the most brilliant workout plans invented by pro trainers. Giving birth… Read More

Spring/Summer 2011 Glam Punk Fashion Trend

Just as fashion designers have gotten us used to, the new spring summer 2011 fashion trends are absolutely amazing and diverse, allowing women to be selective when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. People have different preferences when it comes to fashion this is why diversity in fashion is absolutely necessary. One of the coolest spring summer 2011 fashion trends is the glam-punk trend. This fashion trend differentiates itself from the other fashion trends through the distinctive style of the clothes as well as colors. Usually… Read More