Spring/Summer 2011 Runway Updo Hairstyles

When thinking about choosing a hairstyle that will create a strong impression, one of the first options we begin to analyze are updo hairstyles. Whether we want a formal hairstyle that will show off our features or we are simply looking for a casual hairstyle that will make us stand out from the crowd, updo hairstyles are a great choice. Fashion designers are well aware of the dramatic impact that an updo hairstyle can have in creating a certain image, so they have came up… Read More

4 Key Fashion Items for 2011 Winter

Among so many different styles and shapes, it is so difficult to find the most appropriate trends for you. Whenever choosing a new piece for your wardrobe it is essential to consider various aspects, such as body shape, lifestyle, personality, trends, and also the items you already have in your closet. Only after reviewing all these elements, you can think of investing in something. Here’s a style guide for 4 key items for fall/winter 2010-2011.Hiking boots Every season comes with its own eccentric shoe trends…. Read More

Leighton Meester Makeup Looks

Leighton Meester is one of the most popular teen idols a title she managed to achieve with her fabulous red carpet as well as on screen appearances. Her always polished and girly hair styles as well as matching makeup styles serve as the best ingredients to occupy a prominent position on the beauty queen competition. Indeed those who are fascinated by the versatile and ever surprising looks of our beloved Blair Waldorf should take a closer look at the Leighton Meester chic makeup looks below…. Read More

Most Stylish Celebrity Hair Acessories

Often a perfectly polished and high class do might lack an extra flair that would further boost its glamorous allure. The most stylish celebrity hair accessories below would help you find the best means to top the visual effect of your do. Lose yourself into the realm of sparkling headbands, hair clips as well as natural flowers and other enchanting hair styling tools that would definitely enhance your locks with a suave twist. Prepare your look for a special event with the help of these stylish… Read More

Spring/Summer 2011 Business-Chic Trends

In order to obtain the fabulous look we need to adapt our fashion style to the occasion, to the new trends as well as personality so, choosing the perfect outfit doesn’t seems so easy anymore does it?! Well, this is why fashion designers try to help us by putting together some of the most amazing outfits, which are influenced by different styles, which allow people to inspire themselves and select the outfit style that suits them best. The spring/summer 2011 business-chic fashion trend is… Read More

Spring/Summer 2011 Jumpsuit Trends

The warm season with its cool and multifarious fashion trends are characterized by the versatility of some of the most simply designed wardrobe staples. Indeed this time we have the chance to sport dresses, pants and shorts in their utmost beauty embedded into a formal as well as urban sportswear apparel. The Spring/Summer 2011 Jumpsuits fashion trend is the perfect example on how these stylish playsuits are turned into real masterpieces worth even of the red carpet sparkle. Those who would like to upgrade their… Read More

Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Trends – Ruffles

It seems that last season’s ruffles trend is still present on the runway fashion presentations only in a more subtle manner, since fashion designers are always trying to reinvent fashion and allow people to be diverse with their style. The new spring summer 2011 ruffles fashion trend is more than welcome as ruffles exude femininity and innocence, a combo which is perfect for women who love highly feminine clothes. Ruffles are fun, flirty and offer much more movement to any outfit. The ruffles can be… Read More

Erin Wasson Low Luv Jewelry Collection

Models are eager to flash their creativity as well as artistic skills also off the runway trying their hand at various domains of fashion. Jewelry seemed the perfect means of expression also for the hyper-successful and iconic model Erin Wasson. After her collaboration with RVCA as well as stylist contribution to Alexander Wang she decided to envision her own both fashion and jewelry line. The Erin Wasson Low Luv jewelry connection is indeed one of the most authentic and unique repertoire of bracelets, necklaces as well… Read More

Spring/Summer 2011 Runway Curly Hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are some of the most alluring and feminine hairstyles available for all hair lengths. With an amazing ability to soften facial features and offering a natural hair volume boost, curly hairstyles are an interesting alternative for all hair lengths. Some of the most important runways were filled with interesting suggestions when it comes to curly tresses. Whether you like perfectly defined curls in a classic or a more modern style or you prefer smaller, tighter curls, there is surely a hairstyle that can… Read More

Quick and Easy Braided Hairstyles

A braided hairstyle represents a real lifesaver whenever you’re in a hurry. You can quickly update your look by braiding a thin lock of hair on the side or by making a loose side braid. Depending on the style you are looking for, you can be romantic, sporty, chic, or elegant. Braided hairstyles will never go out of style as they are feminine and stylish without giving the impression of a too studied hairstyle. One of the easiest ways to change your look is… Read More