How to Overcome Jealousy

Trust and mutual respect are fundamental to any happy relationship, and jealousy threatens then both. If you’re struggling with jealousy when it comes to your man, there are a few steps you can take in order to minimize the impact it has on your life and relationship. Find out how to overcome jealousy, or at least learn how to better control it, in order to eliminate stress from your relationship. If you let your imagination go unchecked, you may end up making… Read More

Best Herbal Teas for Digestive Problems

Green tea is packed with antioxidants, but herbal teas have plenty of other benefits, whether you drink them a few times a day or just from time to time. When you’re trying to lose weight, you need to avoid slow transit in your digestive system, and plenty of herbal teas can help. Try some of the best herbal teas for digestive problems, and find out what each of them has to offer. From teas that soothe your stomach to teas that can… Read More

10 Best Nuts and Seeds for Weight Loss

Eaten in moderation, nuts can be a very precious weight loss tool. Avoid nuts that have been coated with sugar or salt and eat them raw and soaked or dry-roasted to get the best nutritional value. Raw or lightly-roasted is also the best way to eat seeds that can aid your weight loss efforts. Find out more about the best nuts and seeds for weight loss, and discover what other excellent properties they have, and why they’re an important addition to your… Read More

10 Signs He’s Having an Emotional Affair

When you’re drifting apart, your significant other might be having an emotional affair. Find out how to spot the signs that there might be something going on, even if he’s been faithful to you. Once you spot the most obvious emotional affair signs, you can have a discussion about the issue and try to solve some of the problems that contributed to the communication issues in your relationship. Playing the blame game is a bad idea, but with a little work, your… Read More

This Is Why You’re Breaking Out!

Sunglasses, smartphones and hats can spread bacteria all over your face and cause breakouts, but there are plenty of things that you’re doing yourself that can lead to blemishes and acne. Get your beauty regimen in order if you want to minimize the risk. Check out the worst skincare mistakes that cause breakouts, and learn how to avoid them in order to keep your complexion looking gorgeous at all times. From using the wrong products to using too many of them, here… Read More

How to Protect Your Skin From Pollution

Unless you live at a very high altitude with clean air, your skin is probably suffering every day by exposure to dirt, toxins and free radicals. Protecting it and fighting the effects of pollution isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. Find out how to protect your skin from pollution with a few simple tricks, from choosing the right type of skincare products to avoiding exposure to more toxins. By fighting pollution when it comes to your skip, you’ll be able to avoid… Read More

Best Shorts for Your Body Type

Whether you have an apple, pear, hourglass or banana body shape, you can find the right type of shorts that will look flattering. Find out what works best for petite and tall women, and what choice you should make based on how long your torso is. Even once you’ve figured out what the best shorts for your body type look like, remember that tailoring is very important. Unless you’re only wearing casual shorts, you should consider getting them altered to fit to your… Read More

Selfie Beauty Tricks: How to Take the Perfect Summer Selfie

Capturing the perfect selfie is always hard, but during the summertime, sweating and lighting issues can make it even more difficult to achieve. Discover the makeup and technology secrets that can definitely take your selfie game to the next level. Find out how to take the perfect summer selfie, and decide for yourself if these tips and tricks add something to the selfie experience. With or without a selfie stick, here’s what you need to do for gorgeous selfies in the warmer months… Read More

How to Do Online Dating Safely and Successfully

While you can instantly know who might interest you when you walk into a bar, online dating is a bit more complicated. By casting a wider net, you’re also accepting that one of the drawbacks is that you’ll need for make a bigger effort to find the right guy. Even when you’re frustrated with the process, you should still stick to the basic online dating etiquette. Find out which rules you should respect if you want to be your best self when… Read More

10 Healthy Ways to Drink Coffee

Coffee has plenty of health benefits to offer, from raising your insulin sensitivity, which reduces the risk of diabetes, to proving antioxidants that have been proven to reduce the risk of colon cancer in animal studies. If you want to make the most out of coffee, while also using it to keep your energy levels up, there are a few tips which can help. Discover the healthy ways to drink coffee, in order to minimize all the potential risks associated with it…. Read More