Hair Curling: You’ve Been Doing It Wrong!

You can easily achieve the perfect curls at home, as long as you’re patient and you know how to treat your hair for the best results. By avoiding the common curling mistakes, you’ll increase your chances of getting the perfect look. Find out more about the hair curling mistakes that might be keeping you from achieving the hairstyle that you love. Make sure you don’t make any of these errors, and your hair will look and feel better for it. Forgetting Protection If… Read More

Clean Jewelry with Ketchup, Vinegar, Vodka and more

Club soda is the most common solution recommended for jewelry, that includes both precious metals and crystalline gemstones, from emeralds and sapphires to diamonds and rubies. But there are plenty of other natural way to bring new life to your antique jewelry. One thing you should always remember when you’re using different ways to clean your jewelry at home is that submerging costume jewelry in liquids can be risky. You’re better off cleaning them with a mild soap without getting them too wet…. Read More

10 Lies You Can Tell Your Boyfriend

While honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship, being blunt about every little detail can create a lot of tension in a couple. Some small lies are fine, as long as you don’t actively try to hide things that your partner has a right to know. Check out some of the lies you can tell your boyfriend without feeling guilty, small white lies that are passable. Don’t use honesty as a weapon and keep some things to yourself, either… Read More

Get Radiant Skin with Herbs and Spices

Whether you use them directly or look for skincare products that use their natural benefits, plenty of herbs and spices can make a big difference in your skin care routine. Find out which are the most useful for your skincare routine. Discover the best spices and herbs for your skin and decide for yourself if you can make an excellent facial or cosmetic treatment at home based on the excellent skincare effects that these plants can provide. Chamomile Thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory… Read More

10 Things to Know About Botox

Botox was the first mainstream brand of injectables to use the botulinum toxin for cosmetic purposes, even thought it’s been around since the ‘60s. After Botox, the FDA has also approved Dysport and Xeomin, and more brands are awaiting approval. Even though it seems ubiquitous, the anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatment isn’t as simple as you might think. Discover 10 of the most important things to know about botox, particularly if you’ve never had it before. 1. Your Body Might Reject It While the purified protein… Read More

Good Reasons to Avoid Workplace Romances

When you spend most of your time at work, it’s tempting to use your workplace as a dating pool, but it can also lead to plenty of problems. Office romances can get complicated and they can also have negative effects on your career. Check out some of the biggest reasons to avoid workplace romances, and decide for yourself if acting on the attraction is worth the risk. From the difficulties in keeping your personal and professional lives separated to some other problems, here… Read More

10 Signs You Shouldn’t Go on a Second Date

When you have trouble deciding if you should go on a second date with a guy, you shouldn’t let superficial reasons influence you. All you have to do is take a look at your first, and the warning signs that show you a second one wouldn’t be better. Once you figure out the signs you shouldn’t go on a second date, you’ll be able to save your time and energy for a guy who actually deserves it. Here are the big red… Read More

Eat These to Reduce Acne!

While onions are a great topical treatment for acne, and eating garlic can help reduce inflammation, not all of the foods that reduce acne are pungent. Eating a balanced diet with less refined carbs can definitely help, but some foods go further than that. Find out which foods can have the best effect on your skin when you’re struggling with acne or breakouts. You can’t get rid of acne simply by making a few dietary changes, but these foods give your skin… Read More

7 Signs You Are PMSing

Unless you’re one of the few lucky women who seem to be living on a different planet, the warning signs of PMS are unmissable. It’s that time of the month to reconsider all your life choices and scream at your mirror. Here are the biggest signs that regularly remind you of PMSing, just in case you hit your head and forgot. 1. The Muffin Top While cramps are their own torture, here comes the moment when your clothes don’t fit. Bloating makes you feel like the… Read More

10 Natural Ways to Treat Sunburn

Aloe vera gel may be the greatest thing for sunburned skin, but few people have access to the plant and know exactly how to extract the soothing gel while avoiding the irritants that are also found in aloe leaves. Try a few solutions that can come in handy when you want to only use natural ingredients to treat your aching and inflamed skin. Get some relief with the most natural ways to treat sunburn, using only ingredients that you’ll find in your… Read More