Essie Bridal 2014 Nail Polish Collection

The Essie Bridal 2014 nail polish collection titled “She Said Yes!” is designed to help brides shine on their big day down to the tiniest detail! From choosing a dreamy wedding gown to planning every single aspect of the look for the big day, each choice has a significant impact, which means leaving things to chance isn’t an option.In creating the new Essie bridal 2014 nail lacquers, the label has considered not only selecting gorgeous tones that… Read More

MAC Sized to Go 2014 Makeup Collection

The MAC Sized to Go 2014 collection is aiming to be an answer to women’s most stringent beauty needs while traveling. The new line doesn’t just feature conveniently sized makeup products designed to meet the need of women on the go, but also several skin care products designed cleanse, moisturize and control oiliness. An important point when it comes to the new offerings is that the Pro discount is not applicable in any of these cases. Here’s what the… Read More

Best AHA Exfoliants for Glowing Skin

The power of alpha hydroxy acids comes in many formulas, whether they use glycolic acid or other AHAs. Forget about roughing up your skin with a scrub and go for the gentle exfoliation options that will leave your skin looking softer and younger. Discover a few of the best AHA exfoliants and find out how they can keep dead skin cells off your face while still providing plenty of other great benefits for your skin, including fine line and wrinkle reduction. Alpha Hydrox… Read More

Jewelry Trends for Summer 2014

The right accessories can make or break your summer look, so updating your looks with a few trendy pieces of jewelry is definitely the right choice for a stylish summer. With the right necklace or cuffs, you can create a more edgy and fresh look. From shapes and colors to other cool trends, get ready to upgrade your style with the best jewelry trends for summer 2014 and you’ll always feel gorgeous this season. Find out which runway trends stood out and are making… Read More

Best Dressed Models at the Met Gala 2014

Second only to NYFW, the annual event held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute gathered together some of the biggest names in fashion, including major designers and some of the highest earning models in the industry.  See the best dressed models at the Met Gala 2014, held in New York on May 5, and pick your favorite outfit from our selection of gorgeous red carpet looks. Kate Upton Going for a darker look, model and actress Kate Upton chose a Dolce &… Read More

2014 Met Gala Celebrity Hairstyles

The 2014 Costume Institute’s Gala titled “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” oozed glamour and sophistication when it came to fashion and hairstyles. The 2014 Met Gala celebrity hairstyles worth checking out were uber-diverse and that only translates into more inspiration for us fashion enthusiasts.These types of red carpet events attract a generous amount of attention and thus celebs strive to attain the best look possible, so no wonder that numerous celebrities made the 2014 Met Gala best dressed list…. Read More

Best Dressed Couples at the Met Gala 2014

Major celebrities from the worlds of fashion, film and music showed up in style at the Met Ball, but this year a few couples made a really big impression on the red carpet at the 2014 Costume Institute Gala in New York City on Monday, May 5. The theme of this year’s event was “Charles James: Beyond Fashion”, as the exhibit was dedicated to British-born James, considered “America’s First Couturier.” See the best dressed couples at the MET Gala 2014 and find out which… Read More

Met Gala 2014 Best Dressed Celebrities

The Costume Institute’s Met Gala 2014 rolled the red carpet for some of the most renowned people in the entertainment industry and it seems like with each year that passes by things just get better and better fashion-wise. Celebrities at the Met Gala 2014 looked oh-so-glamorous, as at a $25,000 participation ticket, one would only expect things to be on the upscale level.La crème de la crème of the entertainment industry strutted their stuff on the red carpet… Read More

‘What It’s Like To Be A Woman At Night’ Is Sadly Very Accurate

‘What It’s Like To Be A Woman At Night’ is the title of a heartbreaking but incredibly accurate Buzzfeed video that describes how many women feel every time they have to walk alone at night. What should be a simple act, is often anything but a comfortable and safe choice. The awareness that their gender makes them a target, the creative measures that helps women feel safer and more in control in the face of a potential… Read More

Worst Tattoo Designs Ever

Tattoos are a unique form of self expression, so beauty is mostly in the eye of the beholder. However, there are cases when it’s next to impossible not to think that some choices have a well deserved spot on the list of the worst tattoos ever created. Lacking originality, artistic skills or proper grammar, these tattoos should definitely be a lesson in what not to do, if you ever decide getting inked:Food can indeed be a great… Read More