How to Maintain Hair Color

Maintaining the longevity of your color is very important, whether you dye your hair a solid color or prefer highlights. Using the right products is just the first step. Developing the right habits is just as important in order to protect your color for longer. Find out how to maintain hair color in order to keep your preferred shade vibrant and gorgeous. From protecting your hair against UV radiation to a simple conditioner trick, here’s what you need to know in order to… Read More

10 Makeup Tips to Use In Your Car

Doing your makeup on the go is difficult and not something you should be excited about, but you can still get a great look with the right products and tips. Obviously, when you’re at the wheel, you should focus on the road and nothing else. But when you’re parked or in the passenger seat, you might be able to pull off a great look quickly. Check out some of the best makeup tips to use in your car or on the train… Read More

How to Remove Hair Dye Stains

The darker hair dye is, the harder it can be to remove stains, from your skin, towels and other textiles or surfaces. Even with the most steady hands, you can still end up with highly pigmented hair dye in places where it doesn’t belong. Find out how to remove hair dye stains in the most effective way, whether they happen on your hairline, on your clothes, on wood or on white surfaces like your bathtub and sink. Use these simple tricks to… Read More

Fashion Mistakes That Make Us Glad Summer Is Over!

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Men’s Fashion Week 2016 Trends

New York Fashion Week: Men’s has joined the London Collections Men and the Fashion Weeks dedicated to menswear in Paris in Milan. With over 60 shows in NYC, menswear designers echoed and completed the trends already set in Europe. Check out the most important Men’s Fashion Week 2016 trends, and find out which looks will be the hottest next spring, whether you want to stick to the most stylish suits or keep it casual. Gray, along with black and white, made a big… Read More

How to Deal with Parents Meddling in Your Relationship

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Why Ditch Contouring and Start Strobing!

Strobing is taking over, since it’s a lot easier to achieve than contouring, but the effect can be just as gorgeous. The highlighting technique has already been used by many celebrities to create a beautiful look with dewy skin. It’s not only faster, but strobing can help you achieve the same glowing look with a lot less products. The best part about is that all you need is the right highlighter for your skin. Find out everything you need to know about strobing, from… Read More

Should You Try Velaterapia or Candle Hair Burning?

Dealing with split ends means regular trims, but some women who don’t want to lose any length are praising velaterapia, a new hair trend hailing from Brazil. Using the open flame of a candle, split ends are singed off in a controversial procedure also known as candle cutting. Find out more about the potential benefits and drawbacks of candle hair burning, and learn which celebrities are already on board with the trend. From the basic principle to the cost of this hair treatment,… Read More

Jogger Pants: Styling Tips and Tricks

Whether you like it or not, jogger pants are here to stay, and they can contribute to plenty of chic looks. Instead of fighting them, check out some of the best ways to join them, and make elevate this piece from gym attire to gorgeous street fashion. Discover some of the best jogger pants style tips, and find out how you can use them to take your looks to the next level. By dressing them up and accessorizing them correctly, you can… Read More

Metallic Eyeshadow: Tips, Looks and Trends

From runway models to Miley Cyrus, strong metallic looks are becoming a major trend. Whether you prefer a more subtle approach or you want to go full out with your metallic eyeshadow and make a big fashion statement, there are a few things you should know. Discover some of the best metallic eyeshadow tips and tricks, that will help pull off any look. From knowing that colors work best for you to application tips and the right way to balance it with… Read More