10 Makeup Tricks for Droopy Eyelids

Lifting your eyelids can be simple once you learn how to apply the most flattering makeup. Whether you’re dealing with a single drooping eyelid or with both, these excellent anti-sagging tricks can help. The basics of droopy eyelids makeup are all about knowing how to apply the products, but before you start learning about that, remember that a well defined brow arch helps a lot in drawing the eye upwards. Fill in your brows and make sure they’re arched correctly (look… Read More

10 Things That Ruin Your Hair

Even when you’re knowledgeable when it comes to hair care, you can still slip up and hurt your tresses in ways that aren’t immediately noticeable. Take a look at the worst ways in which you can treat your hair in order to avoid them. Some things that ruin your hair are very obvious, while others are less known or simply considered unimportant. If you’re serious about keeping your hair beautiful and healthy, here are the habits to avoid at all times. 1. Over… Read More

Eva Green’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Eva Green seems to pick her outfits as well as she does her roles, so most of her red carpet looks are even a little bit similar in more than one way, but the French-born actress can also glam it up when she wants to. Discover a few of Eva Green’s best looks, from her stunning selection of Elie Saab lace gowns to more edgy looks, and even stylish pants. Here are the best Eva Green red carpet moments, that showcase the… Read More

10 Signs You’re Too Good for Him

Mismatched couples can develop a lot of issues, but sometimes it’s clear that one partner is the one pulling all the weight, while the other just isn’t that interested in the future of the relationship. When you’re wondering if you’re wasting your time, it’s time to check the most important signs you’re too good for him. If your man fits the profile, then you just might need to cut your loses and be single again until you find someone who’s more interested… Read More

Megan Fox’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Megan Fox is known for many things, including her feud with “Transformers” director Michael Bay and her marriage to Brian Austin Green, but her style isn’t exactly one of them. The brunette never really made the best dressed list, but her simple style won’t allow her any huge fashion mistakes either. Discover a few of Megan Fox’s best looks, red carpet dresses that certainly prove she know how to combine her casual style with a more glamorous vibe for an important event. “Teenage… Read More

Should You Forgive a Cheating Boyfriend

For many women, should you forgive a cheating boyfriend is a mute question, since sometimes you simply can’t forgive, as much as you’d like to. But if you’re struggling with this decision, here are a few questions to ask yourself. When you’re considering that you might forgive a cheating boyfriend, it’s important to look at both the past and the future to make the right decision for yourself in the long run. Did He Confess or Get Caught? Can you find something to appreciate… Read More

Most Toxic Foods That Impede Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight is difficult enough without having to deal with foods that cause weight gain with more than excess calories. Find out which toxic foods can actually prevent your metabolism from burning more fat. Once you know the most toxic foods that impede weight loss, you’ll be able to avoid any excess, and you should at least consider dropping them from your eating habits altogether. From known questionable ingredients to less known problem foods, here’s what to stay away from… Read More

Celebrity Fashion Trends That Shouldn’t Have Happened

Many ill fitting trends start with street style, but many more are started by celebrities who either ignore a stylist’s advice or simply talk to the wrong stylist. The results is often a bad trend, either or the red carpet or off. Discover some of the worst celebrity fashion trends of the last couple of years, many of which took off, and some that thankfully remained outside of the mainstream. From Matthew McConaughey’s fanny packs to linebacker shoulder pads, here are the trends that… Read More

10 Best Mattifying Products for Shine Free Skin

When shine and oil consistently mess with your makeup, it’s time to take an extra step and try a product specifically designed to keep your skin matte in every condition. Piling on powder never really helps, but these diverse cosmetics might help a lot. Try a few of the best mattifying products for every budget, and you’ll be on your way to controlling shine more efficiently than even before. Most of them don’t just keep your skin perfectly matter, they also make… Read More

Best Sports for Toning Legs

Running is one of the best ways to keep your legs in shape, but if you’re easily bored of working out and jogging, a sport might be the best way to burn calories while also toning your legs from top to bottom. Check out the best sports for toning legs, team activities and solo workouts that can be much more fun than being stuck at the gym. These sports will work everything from your calves to your glutes, and can even… Read More