Chloë Grace Moretz’s Style Evolution

After getting her first big break in “The Amytiville Horror” at the age of 9, Chloë Grace Moretz showed off a very mature style for her red carpet appearances, but really started to develop her personal style around the age of 14, mixing edgy elements with age appropriate fashion. Check out Chloë Grace Moretz’s style evolution, and see how the young actress refined her style and took fashion risks that really paid off or fell flat. See a few of Moretz’s key… Read More

Can You Take a Break Without Breaking Up?

More often than not, taking a break leads to a full breakup, but that’s linked to lack of communication more than the inevitability of the split. If you want to take a break without breaking up, find out how to increase your chances and help your relationship survive this difficult time. Before taking a break, ask yourself a few important questions and make sure that you’re on the same page as your partner. Otherwise, the time off won’t have any other effect… Read More

Most Flirty Perfumes Guys Love

Whether you’re going to a party or to a singles bar, finding the right fragrance for a flirty style can get complicated. Try these gorgeous fragrances that deliver in the come hither department. Give a chance to a few of the most flirty perfumes and you won’t be disappointed by their appeal. Whether you’re looking for a  cool floral fragrance or something more alluring, these perfumes deliver that je ne sais quoi that will draw your guy closer. Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush Created as… Read More

Emmys 2014 Red Carpet Trends

After quite a few fashion risks taken at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards and the 2014 MTV VMAs, the Emmy red carpet was a welcome return to glamor, dominated by bold shades of red and gorgeous white gowns, along with a surprise accessory. See the biggest Emmys 2014 red carpet trends, and decide which outfit is your favorite from the multitude of stunning looks on display at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, during television’s biggest night of the year. Red Dresses Giving… Read More

The Secrets of Soft, Silky Hair

Adding moisture and sealing it in are among the best ways to get softer hair, but there’s more to it than simply using conditioner. Take a look at some excellent tips that will get your tresses soft and silky, while also adding a bit of shine. From restricting the use of heat styling tools to heating up conditioner and the best oils for softer hair, here are a few easy ways to banish dry and coarse hair from your style. A few diet… Read More

10 Steps for Prettier Toenails

Growing at about a third or fourth of the speed at which fingernails do, toenails are completely replaced in about one year. That’s why it’s very important to keep them in good shape, because any problems will stick around for longer. Take a look at some of the best toenail care tips, that will keep them healthy and looking great, so you can enjoy wearing open-toed shoes whenever the weather allows it. 1. Moisturize Regularly There are many ways of keeping your toenails… Read More

10 Red Carpet Trends from the 2014 MTV VMAs

Held at The Forum on Sunday, August 24, in Inglewood, California, the 2014 MTV VMAs didn’t disappoint when it comes to outrageous fashion. From extreme plunges to very high slits, the taste factor was all over the place, as usual. Check out the 2014 MTV VMA red carpet trends and find out which are definitely wearable and which fail even by the standards of one of the most risky events of the summer. Crop Tops  Still going strong after making a… Read More

Pros and Cons of the Biggest Loser Diet

The Biggest Loser diet is a balanced and nutritionally sound diet that’s proven to be very effective in helping overweight people get down to a healthier weight. But is it the best choice for dropping just a few pounds? Check out the pros and cons of the Biggest Loser diet and decide for yourself. You can choose from multiple books written by the show’s nutritionists and former contestants, but the most popular include “The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start: Lose Weight, Get in… Read More

Things You Should Never Say to a Guy

Just because men like to pretend they’re strong doesn’t mean that your words can’t cut them deeply. Check out a few things you should never say to a guy, which may make him feel as bad as you would if he said: “Those jeans make you look fat.” Whether or not your intention is to hurt him, these few phrases can have a lot of power and push him away, even if you didn’t really mean to be insulting or dismissive when you… Read More

Foods to Avoid If You Can’t Go

Using laxatives regularly can actually lead to more constipation in the long run, as your bowels get used to them and don’t function that well in their absence. A much better way to avoid constipation is to be a bit more careful about what you’re eating. Find out more about which constipation foods to avoid if you want to have regular bowel movements. A single serving won’t make a difference, but when you indulge in these foods regularly, you might end up… Read More